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Cure Melasma, Lose Weight, And Bring Back Your Skin’s Natural PH With BSoul Organic Products And Treatments

Organic and environmentally friendly products have started to dominate the market as more people start to understand the consequences of using chemicals and plastics on the environment. But using products that are not harmful to the environment is not just the thrust of BSoul, a luxury natural skincare line that hails from Tuscany, Italy—BSoul also wants to make sure that your skin is treated with the right, natural, and organic products; not chemical processes and treatments that burn and ruin your skin.

Martina Bindi, founder of BSoul, shares that she has long suffered the consequences of chemical treatments before she realized that going natural is the best way to treat her skin problems.

“I’ve been in this field for 30 years and I came from using chemical and professional products. And I saw on my skin and other skins a lot of problems after chemical treatment. In my case, I suffered from 13 years of really terrible dark spots. So I started to analyze why I got the dark spots and I found how important is our skin barrier. I realized, after all the treatments I’ve gone through, ‘Oh my god, I destroyed my skin barrier and all my natural defenses against UV rays,’” Martina says.

Martina demonstrates the Hydra Facial


Skin barrier is essentially the protection of the skin from external factors. A skin that is dry and irritated, sensitive, or too oily are common signs of a damaged skin barrier—and this is exactly what many people suffer from by using harmful chemicals on their body and face.

In search of a cure for these persisting skin problems, Martina found that the problem with regular chemical skincare treatment nowadays is that they usually start and target the blemish. “When you start from the blemish, you make the blemish chronic. For oily skin, for example, the more oil you remove, the more oil your skin will produce. That’s why you have to always keep it balanced. So we went back and tried to start with the physiological state. Use water, sebum, keratin, and see what happens.”

These then became the foundation of BSoul: using only organic and natural ingredients to bring back the skin’s natural PH and state. No more burning with lasers and irritating the skin with too many chemicals. Everything is about bringing balance to the skin and bringing back its natural functions using natural ingredients.


The BSoul Physiological Set is the perfect starting kit for those transitioning to the brand


After using the Physiological set, you can then switch the cream and the serum to something that is tailor-fit to your skin's needs


People are always skeptical about natural and organic products but Martina says that BSoul is all about producing results. In fact, after she has battled her condition for 13 years with medical treatments, she completely cured her Melasma after only a year of using BSoul products and treatments.


Treatments for the body

Apart from products and services for the face, BSoul also has a number of detox and toning treatments for the body. One of their most popular services is the Hydra Slim, a 90-minute treatment that reduces localized fat deposits by working directly in the hypodermal layer of the skin, which results to instant weight loss.

According to Martina, one session of Hydra Slim will already significantly chop down centimeters from your arms and tummy. But after 10 sessions, you can shed at least 20 cm.


Martina explains that the Hydra body services are pain-free and natural ways to detox and tone the body


How does the treatment work? Like their other services, Hydra Slim is all about utilizing the body’s natural mechanisms and using these to bring the body back to optimum performance. The treatment uses special massage techniques and a special oil extract that is absorbed by the skin to restore blood vessel circulation, release tightness in the diaphragm muscles, stimulate muscles and tissues to cooperate with the bigger organs, and restore the body’s physiological way of working.

In fact, all their products and treatments are so safe and organic that even babies could use the products!

Martina says that the thrust of BSoul is to make everyone’s skin healthier and beautiful by restoring the natural functions of the body. She says that women shouldn’t be compelled to use makeup to hide their blemishes and their skin. Instead, makeup should be something that women are free to use or not use, because they can be beautiful with or without it.

And with BSoul, we might just be able to do that.


LineaOrganica COO Ruby Federizo, BSoul CEO Claudio Zampino, BSoul Founder Martina Bindi, LineaOrganica Managing Director Mikee Federizo, LineaOrganica CEO Jack Federizo?


BSoul products and services are available in the Philippines exclusively in LineaOrganica stores located in S Maison and Ayala Vertis North. LineaOrganica Corporation is a distribution and retail company that focuses in distributing organic and natural beauty products from different parts of the world.