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This Facial Is The Ultimate Pampering Treat For Love Month

Youthful glow and instant radiance just in time for your Valentine’s date? Facial Care Centre’s Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy, which offers multiple skin benefits and wellness bonus to boot, will make you fall in love.

I admit it—in this day and age’s skincare-obsessed generation, I wasn’t spared from the craze about all the benefits my skin would get from countless products available in the market. From latest serums laden with the active ingredients to the sun gels and creams in different formulations, it’s easy to just rely on these trusty bottles to save our skin from eventual problems that may arise (hello there, discoloration and fine lines!). 

This is often an excuse to not have those regular visits to the derma. I, for one, find it hard making time to visit a clinic for a facial, what with all the errands and work stuff (plus Manila’s crazy traffic!) in my to-do list. But with Valentine’s day approaching, I let the occasion be the excuse for a little pampering trip—and I suggest you do the same. 

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Metro Valentine's Day Beauty Gift Guide 2023

And while you’re at it, you might as well get all that much-needed skin boost with an added benefit of some R&R in one treatment. I tried Facial Care Centre’s well-loved Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy (OxyCell), and I can say that it's the perfect skin retreat especially if you’re in a bit of a rush for this year’s heart’s day.

No matter your lovelife status this month, this extraordinary facial is all you need for that date-ready look in an instant. Singles may opt for this as a luxurious time off, while those coupled up can put their best face forward in a little over an hour—allowing you some time to put on a little make up and go straight to your romantic date.


For those who may feel a bit hesitant about getting a facial prior to a date, OxyCell is highly recommended by many—including us!—for a reason. Not only does it refresh and give that youthful, dewy glow after the sesh, it’s also quick with no downtime required. Another bonus is the massage that tops off the treatment, taking off the jitters and replacing it with pure relaxation and bliss. It does make you fall in love with it at first try!

I visited Facial Care Centre’s Ortigas branch on a Friday afternoon, and the pristine clinic feels like stepping inside a spa. I had a quick skin consultation before heading straight to the treatment room, all prepped for the skin getaway that awaits. 


The treatment was also explained to me as I waited for the treatment to start. OxyCell’s secret lies in it being a simple procedure—it uses highly concentrated pure oxygen to deliver anti-aging active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin through a process called Transdermal Application (TDA). In short, their skin cocktail called Mitocell is being “air-pushed” into your skin in order for the ingredient to sink deeper up to the cellular level. And before you panic, no, it’s not even a bit painful—it’s one of the most relaxing ways to get some skin nutrition! Think lying on the beach with the wind gently blowing: you get the idea.


The treatment promotes skin cell regeneration and promises a well-moisturized and nourished skin, resulting in smoother, plumper, and more radiant skin. Fine lines and aging are also addressed, offering that youthfulness and rejuvenated appearance.

Once I’m all laid on the treatment bed, the therapist proceeded with cleansing and toning the face. A Centella gel mask is then applied to my face followed by a peel using the TDA prepare tool to exfoliate and remove dead skin, followed by a seven-minute steam to open up my pores.

Then comes the extraction—the gentlest I’ve ever experienced! While we all fret getting our skin nasties out during this step, my therapist made sure that I’m comfortable all throughout. I even found myself dozing a bit a few times. Before I even realized it, it was done and we’re ready for the best part.


The OxyCell machine, once booted, is carefully applied all over my face—starting from my forehead area, followed by the chin and jaw, the neck, then cheeks. It’s even applied on my eyes, with the pure oxygen having just the right amount of pressure while effectively seeping Mitocell into my skin layers.

To seal the deal, a hydrating topper in the form of a hyaluronic mask is put on my face. That extra 15-minute R&R time is so refreshing and calming, I truly felt like I’m in a spa! A sweet ending was the lymphatic drainage massage to improve blood flow as well as the skin quality. My therapist put on some sunscreen before we end the session, as the sun is still out and I have an appointment nearby. Overall, it took me less than two hours to complete the facial treatment.


The result: OxyCell truly brought out that radiance; my skin felt clean but baby-soft. Even without makeup, my skin is dewy and glowy—I proceeded to meet my friends and stayed out for a few more hours outdoors, but the luminescence was still there when I got home. I noticed that the smile lines and some in the eye area were reduced, and discoloration also lightened. I’m very impressed! Safe to say that I would be going back for more.

The treatment is most recommended for those with dry, aging skin, clogged pores, and most beneficial to those who are in their mid-30s and above. However, we all know that prevention is better than cure—and with OxyCell’s anti-aging offering, it’s a treatment perfect for just anyone who wants to achieve bouncy and dewy skin, whatever the occasion may be. The therapist even shared how people in their early 20s come for this facial—both for skincare and that excellent massage!

So whether you’re about self-love and treating yourself for love month, or want that instant refreshed and glowing radiance before you meet with your date, Facial Care Centre’s OxyCell is the ultimate pampering treat perfect for this romance-filled occasion.

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