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Beauty Tips Our Dads Were Totally Right About

While there is so much to learn from our dad when it comes to life and general wisdom, beauty advice often falls to the bottom of the list. But admit it or not, they’re sometimes filled with good beauty advice too, you just haven’t realized. From how to keep your face clean and fresh to never leaving the house without your favorite fragrance, our dads have been a unique source of beauty knowledge. Here, in honor of Father’s Day, we polled the Metro.Style team for more dad-approved hacks.

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“The best beauty lessons I learned from my dad are first, to always make sure to tie my hair in a neat ponytail (he likes things neat!), put some color on my face (a bit of blush and lipstick to put some color and not look lifeless), and to always have baby powder and tissue in my bag (to keep things clean and fresh). Believe it or not, these were from him, not my mom! And I think these tips really stuck with me all these years. Oh, and always have lotion or hand cream in my bag because he hated having dry hands. I hate that too!” — Kate Paras-Santiago, Fashion and Beauty Editor


"Most of my conversations with my dad are via video call because he works abroad. With this, every time we talk to each other he gets to see my face up close. And of course, he’d notice when I have a pimple or acne scars. Haha! Then he goes, “‘Wag mong hahawakan ‘yan, lalong dadami.” True enough, popping the pimple or touching it can worsen the condition of the skin." — Red Dimaandal, Beauty Writer


"After a tiring day, treat yourself to a full body massage—it's the best way to recharge!” — Hershey Neri, Fashion and Beauty Writer


"Don't wear heavy makeup, just wear a smile.” — Joan Ko, Multimedia Producer


“My dad was the one who told me that I should have my ears pierced. I was already working in an ad agency during that time and he said I need to wear earrings to become womanly. Hahaha!” — Butchie Pena, Art Director