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#GlowUp: These Classic Drug Store Buys Are The Very Picks You Need For Fresh, Luminous Skin

Do you remember your days back in high school or college when you'd take that needed trip to the school restroom in the afternoon, to wash your face with your favorite facial scrub just so you'd feel refreshed for your next classes? Chances are, you did this quite a lot, and you most likely had a pocket sized facial scrub in your pocket while you were at it.


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Fast forward to today—you most likely indulge in a luxurious skincare regimen by now, which includes some of the beauty world's best and scientifically-advanced formulas the industry has to offer. While there is certainly nothing wrong about treating yourself to the best (and sometimes the most expensive) products and treatments out there, it's also good to be reminded that sometimes, it's good to go back to basics for the most effective products we've come to love all these years. 


One brand that withstood the test of time is America's number 1 scrub brand St. Ives, a nature-loving line of skin products that harnesses the powers of nature to bring us formulas that work. Natural ingredients such as coconut oil, creamy Shea butter, and crushed walnut shells are sourced around the world and combined with 100% natural exfoliants, extracts, and moisturizers to get your skin glowing.

Packed in brand-new striking design, the St. Ives range of products aims to keep up with the times, to extend its purpose of enlivening your skin, and awaken your senses with the best ingredients. Rightfully deserving of a spot in your vanity, the following St. Ives are editor-approved, and a sure must in your next shopping list:



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St. Ives products are available at Watsons and other local department stores.