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Go Over The Moon On Luxe Moisturization—ORO Gold Skincare Celebrates 7 Years In The Philippines

Just how royal can you get when it comes to luxury skincare?  One of Manila’s most indulgent and effective skincare brands, OROGold, hit the 7-year business mark since landing here in the Philippines.  Seen in the impressive ranges of 24-karat gold-infused creams, masks, lotions, and skin-specific treatments, Orogold has innovated custom solutions tailor-fit to varying consumer concerns while simultaneously harnessing gold’s intrinsic curative qualities as an ingredient.



At the event, we were particularly drawn to the different pots of moisturizer from different skincare lines on the shelves.  When we arrived fresh out of traffic, sans makeup, following a hectic work day, with completely parched skin, we dug right into the first tester jar that we thought suited us; their 24K Sensitive Skin Hydrating Moisturizer from their Lielle Sensitive Skin collection.



Our skin in that moment couldn’t thank you enough in the minutes that followed, and we did indeed appreciate that it was fragrance-free.  We also noticed that a few days following the event, after trying their 24k Sensitive Skin Hydrating moisturizer for the first time just once, our skin generally felt better overall in terms of surface texture.  The cream had calmed a few weather induced dry patches not just for a day but for several days after.  While that particular variant wasn’t their most affordable option, that first-hand experience convinced us of its value.


24K Sensitive Skin Hydrating Moisturizer


A couple of the other moisturizers that caught our eye on the shelves was the Collagen Renewal one (a lighter texture than the Sensitive Skin variant),

24K Collagen renewal moisturizer.


the Termica Completion Cream for more mature skin,

24K Termica Completion Cream


and their most affordable widely known, highly marketed option, the 24K White Gold Deep Moisturizer, which Yuval Mann, CEO for Luxebrand Global, Inc. uses himself.

24K White Gold Deep Moisturizer 


Something poignant Yuval said during his speech strongly resonated with each individual, “So much time is spent being depressed about the past, or worrying about the future…” he noted that very little time or attention is given to today—to care for and protect whatever we already have at present.


Yuval Mann, CEO Luxebrand Global, Inc. shares that he uses the White Gold moisturizer when on vacation.


24K Men’s Hydrating Moisturizer


Yuval shares that one particular discovery they’ve made while Orogold let down its roots here in the local market is how many men use skincare as well now, “We’ve also observed that a very big part of our [consumer] market is male.  It shows that people have become more aware and cautious of their needs.  Men have realized they also have skin to take better care of.  We have SPF in the day moisturizer, so when I go on vacation that’s what I take, because it is good protection for the sun at SPF30.”

24k White Gold Deep Moisturizer SPF 30


In order to stay relevant in the local market amidst other competitors, Yuval noted the company’s decision to compete in a different arena instead of a considerable marketing budget. “So, we decided to focus on company culture.  By creating a world for us of people that can trust each other, help each other—that was our key also in establishing long-term relationships with our clients, in raising operational standards, and raising also the professional skills of our team.”  By maintaining a thriving close-knit community between retail staff, regular clients, and consumers, Orogold continues its mission to provide effective solutions here in the Philippines for those who won’t settle when it comes to quality luxury skincare.