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Yes, You Need A Facial Every Month. Here's Why!

Most of us strictly follow a daily skincare routine at home, whether it be the most basic one of cleanse-tone-moisturize, or the infamous 10-step Korean skincare regimen. Whatever it is, it surely helps you maintain healthy skin, as compared to not doing anything at all.


While it’s great to practice good skincare, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should be skipping out on seeking professional help. And even though you may not suffer from severe acne or other chronic conditions, your complexion will still benefit from the attention of a trained aesthetician.

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To know more, we asked beauty expert, salon owner and permanent makeup specialist Bianca Festejo on why you should give your skin a little TLC with the help of a pro. Plus, its benefits and the best facial treatments in her very own beauty center. Read on! 


Metro.Style: Why do people need a facial care by an aesthetician? 

Bianca Festejo: Our skin is the first the first thing that people notice. It represents us. Having beautiful skin gives us more confidence and when we are confident and feel good about ourselves, we accomplish more. You see, it's a domino effect. Hence, we should never take our skin for granted and let only the professionals handle it.


MS: What are the long-term benefits of getting regular facials? 

BF: Every day as we go out to face the world, we accumulate dirt in our face and sun exposure that leads to wrinkles, big pores, blackheads, sun damage and many more skin problems that lead to aging faster. Having the right facial treatment regularly can help clean, rejuvenate and delay the process of aging.



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MS: What are the preparations that one should do before facial? 

BF: Regardless of your skin condition, there is a prefect facial treatment for you. Hence, there is no need for any preparation, leave it all to us.


MS: What are the facial treatments you can recommend at your salon? 

BF: Our bestseller at the moment is the Ultima facial—it's a 4-in-1 facial treatment that involves a hydrafacial that has a dual effect: it sucks in dirt, dead skin cells, and blackheads without having to prick. It also involves cavitation (burns facial fats), RF (for skin tightening), and galvanic for that lifting effect. 

We also have the Carbon Peel, a laser treatment for whitening that addresses melasma, sun spots, and any skin discoloration.

And of course, if the client's main concern is big pores or pimple marks, we have C02 fractional laser and fractional needling.


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