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How To Build A Skincare Routine For Men

Thinking of teaching your dad or husband how to do proper skincare? Here's how!

Skincare—it's one of those things we've come to love and really embrace especially during this pandemic. Self-care truly goes a long way, and it truly helps us gain some sense of control over things in our lives. Taking a little bit of time every day to attend to our own needs, to savor a glass of wine, or to enjoy a face mask while watching our favorite Netflix show—these seemingly small things pay off in the long run! But mind you, self-care isn't just reserved for us ladies! The men in our lives deserve to learn how to do it too!

We're not talking about letting them indulge in their evening of sports TV (although yes, they need that too), we're talking about encouraging them to take care of themselves in the skincare department too! Hey, women aren't the only ones affected by acne or dry skin!

This Father's Day, if you decided to get your dad or hubby some grooming or skincare essentials, you don't have to worry about him being all clueless about it. If you're wondering where to begin when it comes to teaching them the basics, don't worry, we've got you covered! We enlisted the help of one of our favorite dermatologists, Dr. Kaycee Reyes of Luminisce

Father's Day 2021 Grooming Gift Guide


Father's Day 2021 Grooming Gift Guide

First off, men's skincare is totally different from women's. Wondering why? Read on...

Metro.Style: How different is skincare for men and women?  

Dr. Kaycee Reyes: Male skin care is vastly different from female skincare primarily because of the differences in their skin structure and the benefits it provides. Male skin differs from a female’s when it comes to thickness, sebum production, collagen, facial hair, and pore size.

While they may age slower compared to females, they have bigger pores and more active glands than that of females. Thus, men’s skincare is usually targeted at anti-bacterial, antiperspirant, and shaving or hair-removal products. 

METRO Gift Guide: Father's Day 2021 Grooming Gift Ideas


METRO Gift Guide: Father's Day 2021 Grooming Gift Ideas

Overwhelmed about where he has to begin? Let him zero in on these:

MS: What are the top three things to teach men who are new to skincare?

DKR: Take a look their skin structure, what they do, and what they are exposed to on a regular basis: shaving, sun, and sebum. This means that men should look for products that:

a. Purify - to clean the skin and avoid the buildup of sebum and bacteria 

b. Protect - to keep the skin safe from sun exposure

c. Polish - to maintain the skin’s moisture levels especially after shaving or exfoliation

MS: Are there any particular tips you would like to give for men who want to perfect their routine?

DKR: It could be overwhelming when starting a new routine. That is why it is important to start small. Adding a hydrating or soothing aftershave cream, or applying sunblock religiously is already progress. Of course, one has to be consistent to really see the results.

MS: Any particular ingredients men should shop for when buying skincare products?

DKR: Of course, every skin is different, and this can vary according to their current skin condition, their age, and their lifestyle. But generally, look for cleansers that remove bacteria yet are gentle for the skin. Look for those that contain salicylic acid, and always wear sunscreen for protection against UV rays and skin cancer, and be diligent about shaving routine—do not shave dry, replace razors regularly, and always use a soothing aftershave! For others (who are a bit extra), they can also try products with retinol (for anti-aging benefits), antioxidants such as Vitamin C (to fight free radicals), and AHAs/BHAs (for exfoliation). And of course, maintain a healthy lifestyle, because good skin starts from within.

MS: In your clinic, what are the top treatments men go for?

DKR: Aside from addressing specific skin concerns, men go to us for our signature facials with deep cleaning, exfoliation, and hydration (Luxury Facial). They also try our peels (Coquille Peel and Citrine Peel) and laser treatments (Elixis Elite and Pico Plus Lasers) that can address dullness, dryness, lighten acne scars and pigmentation, and for facial rejuvenation. We also have the Luminisce Homne Box especially curated for men and Luminisce Homme package. To book an appointment or a consultation with Luminisce, click here.

Lead photo by Cup of Couple on Pexels