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Kiehl's Is Celebrating 170 Years, And Is Spoiling Us With Cult Favorite Skincare Products

The brand kicks off their 170th anniversary with discounts, gifts, and limited edition packaging on its Lazada Super Brand Day on May 27!

170 years ago, Kiehl’s started as a single pharmacy in New York, delivering straightforward natural solutions to their patrons’ health and skincare problems. Through the years, the brand slowly began to expand their products and grow their global footprint, becoming the trusted global skincare brand that we know them today.

When you think about it, Kiehl’s must have done something right to last 170 years—and not just last, but really stay on top. And if you ask different people—people working with Kiehl’s, brand ambassadors, and regular people who use the brand—on what they think Kiehl’s secret is, they only have one thing to say: “Because it works!”

Kiehl's limited edition anniversary lineup

Products that work

“No matter the trends, we go back to healthy skin for all,” says Cammie Canella, global education director of Kiehl’s. “And when you find skincare that works, that’s where relationships form.”

Cammie has been working with Kiehl’s for decades now, and she has noticed that it’s the simplicity of “products that work” that makes Kiehl’s a popular product all over the world. This has built the affinity and relationship between the brand and its customers, which is something you can never replace or replicate.

In a world where there are so many choices and brands, Kiehl’s commitment to natural ingredients, the results that users see, and the fact that they can feel they are a member of the global Kiehl’s family draws more and more people to the brand.

For Yricka dela Pena, local retail and education manager at Kiehl’s Philippines, “It will always be about personalized services.” She says she recalls her first time setting foot inside a Kiehl’s store, where she got her skin tested by the store representative and she found out exactly what her skin type is and what her skin’s needs are. No more wasted money and bad decisions gone awry—all she had to do was step inside the store and she got information, education, and products that worked for her oily skin.

Kiehl’s brand ambassador and new mom Camille Co also shares the same affinity and support for the brand. She says she was still in high school when she lined up in front of the first Kiehl’s store in Metro Manila with her aunts and mom, using only whatever her mom and sister would buy. As she grew older and earned her own money, she continued to look to Kiehl’s for her daily skincare routine, showing how inter-generational and timeless really Kiehl’s is for everybody. In fact, throughout her pregnancy and now that she is a new mom with no time left for an elaborate skincare routine, she says, “Look for that super effective multi-tasking product that will do a lot for you.” And for her, that’s Kiehl’s.

Kiehl’s iconic products and results

Although Kiehl’s have gone through so many things in the last 170 years, some of their oldest and most iconic products continue to be at the core of the brand. This shows that from the very start, Kiehl’s had the right ingredients to create skincare that works for every skin type—and they did well to preserve and even elevate what they have to arrive at where they are now.

One of their most iconic ingredients is calendula, which is present in their iconic and most popular Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner. Calendula is an ingredient that dates back to their 1920s offering as a pharmacy, and became their very first product when they started their skincare line in the ’60s.

This toner became famous for its calming, soothing, and balancing capabilities, perfect for any skin type and every climate. For Cammie and Yricka—who both hail from different parts of the world from New York to the Philippines—the Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner was the product that really made a difference in their lives. And to date, it continues to be a non-negotiable in many women’s ever-evolving skincare routines.

Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner

As a tribute to the Calendula Toner and three more of the brand's most popular and best-selling formulas of all time, the brand has created the Kiehl's anniversary Commemorative Collection. This collection contains the Calendula Herbal Extract Toner, Ultra Facial Cream, Midnight Recovery Concentrate, and Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado—Kiehl’s classics that are given a refreshing new look of an embellished glass packaging in stunning white and gold. Each product in the Commemorative Collection represents tangible, iconic results that speak of Kiehl's high-quality formulas and world-class skincare expertise throughout its 170 years.

Kiehl's anniversary Commemorative Collection

Apart from these four iconic products, Kiehl’s is also bringing back three nostalgic favorites that represent a significant moment in their history: From the 1920s, three Essence Oils in Love-Luring, Fortune Seeking, and Jinx-Removing for auspicious infusions; from the 1960s, the skin-soothing Heritage French Rosewater Toner; and from the 1990s, Glycerin Scented and Unscented Soaps that are suitable for cleansing the face and body. These three nostalgic favorites make up the Kiehl’s Limited Edition Heritage Collection.

Kiehl’s Limited Edition Heritage Collection

Never-before-seen discounts and gifts on Kiehl’s Lazada Super Brand Day:

“The future is bringing that magical individual customer experience to wherever our customers are, virtually or in person.” This is what Cammie has to say about Kiehl’s efforts in staying relevant and connected to their customers, especially during the pandemic where most of us are unable to go to the stores to personally experience the magic of Kiehl’s.

Building on this promise of personalized skincare and solutions, no matter the channel and avenue, Kiehl’s Philippines is bringing the brand’s 170th anniversary closer to every Filipina through their huge Lazada Super Brand Day on May 27, 2021. Kiehl’s has broken records and achieved so much since its online launch on the shopping platform, and they are now giving it back to their patrons and giving a chance to first-time Kiehl’s users to try the products with great savings.

You will find up to 50% off of Kiehl’s most popular and best-selling products, with special freebies, samples, and gifts if you get their skin sets. Start checking out the wide range of discounts and promotions already live on the official Kiehl’s Lazada store today until May 26 and you will get a limited edition leatherette pouch and a 14ml Ultra Facial Cream on top of the discounts and freebies!

There really is no better time to jump into the Kiehl’s magic than now.

For more information about their products, check out Kiehl’s Philippines on Instagram or visit the Kiehl’s website at To start adding to your cart, head on to Kiehl’s official Lazada store.