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These 10 K-Drama Heartthrobs Have The Best Skin

Admit it, these leading men’s flawless faces pull you in as much as their acting does. Take a page from their routines to achieve better skin!

Anyone who is remotely aware of hallyu—basically, the Korean Wave we’ve come to know since the mid-aughts—know how South Koreans hold their beauty standards in such high regard. Beautiful skin is just expected from both men and women, even more so from their most popular celebrities.

If you’ve been on an extended K-Drama binge as much as we have for the past few weeks, you’ve possibly gushed over the leads’ amazing skin more than you can count. Yes, we don’t just mean the female leads. How can we miss our favorite oppas’ perfectly poreless faces? 


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Whether they’re starring in light-hearted romantic comedies or emotionally heavy dramas, these handsome Korean actors keep us glued to our screens with a highly addicting combination of compelling storylines, great acting, and complete eye candy.

Jessica Rapp of CNN recently reported that South Korea is actually leading the men’s beauty market with “the world’s biggest male spenders on skincare.” In fact, these Korean heartthrobs are just as sought-after endorsers of beauty brands as much as their female counterparts. 

So what’s the secret of the smoothest-skinned K-Drama leads to ever grace your high-definition TVs? Here are 10 of the most popular Korean male celebrities, their skin care tips, and the products they endorse!

Artwork by Raff Colmenar. Lead photos via, KPOPChannel.TV, and Forencos


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