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Refresh dull, lackluster skin with these tried and tested treatments featuring LED light!

Belo lets us in on these must-try, 'lit' treatments!

Who else remembers this funny but super adorable moment posted by Dr. Vicki Belo a couple of weeks ago?

While attending a medical conference in Paris, Dr. Belo and Dr. Hayden Kho dropped by the Zero Gravity booth where a brand representative of a LED light therapy brand had claimed that the machine being highlighted, the Perfectio X, was very highly recommended. When asked what country the pair comes from (to which they answered the Philippines) the brand rep of exclaimed in excitement that their product was being used by Belo herself! A very humble and genuine moment with Belo followed after as she revealed to the brand rep that she was indeed Vicki Belo and that she hadn’t tried the Perfectio X up until that very moment! She bought one device to bring home and test out its efficacy for herself.


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The verdict? She exclusively tells Metro.Style: “We don’t carry it because although it is good for firming, I got hyper pigmentation on the cheeks from the heat of the lamp!” While the Perfectio X is designed to help let your skin absorb whatever formula is slathered on, such as a serum, Dr. Belo said it doesn’t really enter. “When I did it, I started getting some dark spots, so I stopped it for a while and let it rest first.” She explained that perhaps this was because the machine works too close to the skin, as an LED light should not be, or maybe it should be used and performed less frequently (once a week instead of twice a week). Dr. Belo shares that just with any procedure, treatment, or machine she carries in her clinics, she always tests it out first prior to rolling them out—never making anything she doesn’t truly believe in available for Belo clients.

So what are some products and treatments featuring LED available at Belo that can get your glow on without potentially harming the skin?


“We have facials with LED light such as the LuminoVitaGlow,” Dr. Vicki shares. “This procedure is gentle yet very potent, combining three skin quality perfecting remedies. First is the Bright Peel that helps address wrinkles and skin texture. It has gluconolactone to remove the dead skin. Second is a solution that has 59 vitamins and minerals that’s good for your skin and helps with collagen production.

And the last is the LED Photorejuvenation that helps increase the potency of the first two steps and helps to rebalance and rejuvenate the skin. The red lamp is for pigmentation and blood circulation. The yellow or amber light is for inflammation because everybody has some inflammation in their skin. Whether it be from pollution, sunlight, acne, bacteria, etcetera.”

The LuminoVitaGlow The LuminoVitaGlow

Madonna Oxylight Facial

Belo also carries the Madonna Oxylight Facial, an anti-aging facial that uses five different modalities to exfoliate, deep clean, and revitalize the skin. The multi-step treatment consists of diamond dermabrasion, dual detox, ultrasound, micro current, and LED light therapy, and is perfect for patients with aging, lackluster, and sagging skin. Skin after treatment is renewed, refreshed, and revitalized.

Anne Curtis does Madonna Oxylight Facial Anne Curtis does Madonna Oxylight Facial
Anne Curtis under the LED lamp as part of the Oxylight Facial Anne Curtis under the LED lamp as part of the Oxylight Facial

Salt Facial

Another treatment that has LED is the Salt Facial, a treatment that combines micro-exfoliation with all natural sea salt, facial cleaning with high frequency current, glycol acid, ultrasound, and high-intensity LED light therapy. “The Salt Facial is perfect for people with acne, rosacea, fine lines, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, sun damage, redness, and stretch marks!” she muses.

Dr. Vicki Belo performs Salt Facial on Sue Ramirez Dr. Vicki Belo performs Salt Facial on Sue Ramirez
Salt Facial Salt Facial

“We also have the Opera LED mask,” Dr. Belo adds, a perfect add-on treatment to your usual facial that helps address oiliness and prevent acne.

Book an appointment at Belo through their website, or through their numbers (+632) 8819-BELO (2356) and (+63) 999-8857273 on Viber. Follow Belo on Instagram at @belobeauty for promos and updates.