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Here’s What Liza Soberano Does To Achieve Optimum Skin Quality, Always

How well do you know your skin?

We’ve been experimenting with products and treatments for years—you have your go-to cleanser perfect for sensitive skin, a favorite toner that gives you a nice glow, and even face masks with lovely scents you just can’t get enough of. It’s important to invest in your appearance, and that’s why maintaining good skin is always top priority, especially for modern women. With all the pampering we indulge our skin in, though, how do we know if our skin quality is in its best condition?

Even color, smooth texture, proper hydration, and normal sensations are key factors in determining our skin quality. Do you possess dark spots, sun damage, or unevenness in your skin? Is your skin prone to blemishes and acne? Does your skin flake often? Is tightness or itchiness a common problem? If you find yourself nodding to these questions, your skin isn’t at its optimum condition—and you need to visit a trusted derma, stat!

Good thing we discovered the secrets of stars like Liza Soberano, who maintains a smooth and flawless complexion with the help of Belo Medical Group. With the beauty giant’s newest offering, the Belo Skin Quality Program, you’ll never have to experience bumps along the beauty road, literally and figuratively. Showing off the pioneering expertise of Belo Medical Group when it comes to skincare, the treatments will address each and every issue of your skin.


The three-month tailored plan consists of solutions that target your concerns. Glass Skin Facial makes glass skin possible; Salt Facial uses the wonders of salt to restore, replenish, and rejuvenate the skin; LuminoVitaGlow is a 3-step skin quality-perfecting remedy for a healthy glow and fresher look; Revlite targets hyperpigmentation, fine lines, bumps, and chicken skin; Hydrafacial evens out skin tone and texture and prevents signs of aging and hyperpigmentation; Angel Whitening lightens dark spots; Crystalle Glass Mask gives you a glow-on-the-go and reveals younger-looking skin; Light Mask helps achieve instantly dewy skin; and the BSQ Perfection Kit allows you to develop good skin habits during your at-home skincare routine.

Let the experts take care of you, beginning with a consultation following a customized series of treatments concisely scheduled according to your skin needs. Results are immediateyou’ll leave the clinic with better skin after every session!

Now, let us ask you again—how well do you know your skin? If you think it needs a little more attention, let Belo lead the way to skin quality comparable to that of your favorite star.