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Mariel Padilla Spills The Secrets To Her Glowing Skin

Being a busy mom didn't stop Mariel from taking care of herself. See how she does it in five minutes or less!

Oftentimes we think celebrities are simply blessed with superior genes. What we don't know is that it takes a lot of effort to maintain their good looks, too. As we all know, one such celebrity with effortlessly good looks is Mariel Padilla, who started her career off as a commercial model, before she became a TV host and actress. These days, she keeps herself busy with her vibrant live selling business, creating videos for her YouTube channel, and being a mom to two beautiful little girls. 

Despite her packed schedule, we've noticed that Mariel has been raving about how satisfied she is right now with her newfound skincare routine, thanks to Super K Beauty, a new online hub for curated Korean skincare and makeup products. Being a busy mom can take a toll on one's skin, but Mariel claims she has found her match—one that allows her to be done in as little as five minutes! Read on to find out more about how she achieved the dewy, glowing skin she's always wanted.

Mariel enjoying family time in Seoul, Korea | @marieltpadilla

Metro.Style: Tell us about your skincare routine prior to becoming a mom and prior to discovering Super K-beauty.

Mariel Padilla: Ive always been a fan of moisturizers. Even when I was in high school because I really have dry skin. I have tried a lot of products—expensive, not so expensive, local, Korean, and Japanese.

MS: How has your routine changed now that you're a busy career mom?

MP: I have to put everything in five minutes. If not we will be late, hahaha!

MS: What's so special about the products you use now? 

MP: I looooove them cause when I tried it, I felt the difference right away. Like the heart leaf soap, ang galing niya. I feel like my skin is poreless now, hahaha! And I'm into dewy skin. I like dewy skin because that is our natural skin! Our skin should produce oil. So I love that effect [that it gives]. 

MS:  Why does it make your life easier? Do these products work best with certain types of skin types? 

MP: It works for all skin types. Knowing what is in the tube or bottle, the ingredients they put helps a lot. I researched the benefits of those ingredients and I'm like… this is the one for me!

Mariel using the SS (Silk Sericin) Collagen by Matrigen on Super K Beauty | @marieltpadilla
Mariel using the VITADERM CICA APOULE on Super K Beauty | @marieltpadilla

MS: Do you still get professional derma/beauty clinic treatments on top of your K-beauty regimen?

MP: I go to Facial Care Centre. 

MS: Any other insights you want to share?

MP: I feel like I have finally achieved the skin I have always wanted. I loooooove the products, super! Big difference! I’m not getting any younger so I really need to take care of my skin more.

Banner photos via @marieltpadilla. Shop Super K Beauty here.

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