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This Is THE Skin Lifting Treatment Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez Swears By

At 41, the mom slash fashion designer is as youthful and glowing as ever with Ultherapy®!

Having gone through a pandemic experience, and navigating a new kind of life after it, is no easy feat for anyone. Everyone seems to be re-adjusting to a new kind of life, welcoming more and more activities that weren't allowed in the past two years with caution, and embracing life as it comes. Surely these new challenges are faced head on by accomplished women like multi-hyphenate fashion figure Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez, who breezed into a new decade of her life looking youthful, fresh, and beautiful as ever, even after two years of navigating through the pandemic.

Rosanna is a prominent name in the local fashion industry, having established a namesake fashion line that A-listers and celebrities love. Apart from being a fashion designer, she's also a full-time working mom and an entrepreneur, who loves to travel whenever possible. Being a self-confessed 'no-frills kind of girl', Rosanna admits to keeping her beauty regimen to a bare minimum. "I never liked the 10-step routine and it’s never been my thing", Rosanna quips. How then does this wonder mom strike a balance of all the roles she plays, and maintain her youthful, glowing look? Here, we were lucky enough to hear from Rosanna herself, who trusts a non-invasive skin procedure that keeps her face lifted and defined for up to 12 months! Keep scrolling to find out more about it! 

Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez

How did you first discover Ultherapy® 4 years ago? 

I think during the time there was a media blast for Ultherapy® happening, and I would see a lot of celebrities and friends getting it done, and I got curious about it—so then I decided to try it myself. As you know, I’m sort of a no-frills kind of girl. When it comes to skincare, I never liked the 10-step routine and it’s never been my thing—especially before the pandemic when schedules were so full. I’m a full-time working mom so it was always hard for me to commit to a treatment that needed regular maintenance. When Ultherapy® was casually presented to me, it appealed to me immediately because it’s a one-time procedure with no downtime. It’s [essentially] a “lunch” procedure meaning after 40 minutes I’m out and I’m able to attend my meetings and go back to work right away. And the results would last me really long—about a year minimum. So that was already a no brainer for me. Once I’ve tried it, I never looked back.

Rosanna getting Ultherapy®

What skin concerns have you faced during the past 2 years in the pandemic, and how does Ultherapy® address this? 

I’m 41 now, and I started trying Ultherapy® before 40—and I remember that [40] was a number that really scared me; that idea of entering into a new decade. I wanted to take preventive measures without doing anything invasive, and I saw the effects as mentioned earlier. Actually, the first time I tried Ultherapy®, the effects came after a few months. On the second time I tried it, the effects came at 2 and a half months, which was much faster. And they explained to me that because I already tried Ultherapy® previously, the collagen in my face is already awake so it takes less time to stimulate it. And that was amazing!

I really missed that during the two-year pandemic, because I didn’t really want to go out of the house or risk myself for a treatment, you know. So I saw the difference of NOT having Ultherapy® too. I think my gap was about a year and six months—and I really saw that my jawline and my cheeks started to sag a bit, so I couldn’t wait for restrictions to lift so I could do the treatment again. What I also noticed is that I lost volume on my eyes, and upon consulting with Dr. Aivee [Teo], she said that it was normal because I was exercising so much. That’s why now she recommended that I do Ultherapy® under my eye every quarter. I just tried it last month, and I’m looking forward to seeing the results because I’ve never done it that frequently for my undereye. 

Rosanna, glowing at 41!

Out of all the new skin lifting treatments and devices available out there, why do you choose to stay loyal to Ultherapy®?

I really am not into long skincare routines; I don’t have the patience to put multiple products every night—and actually my routine is 5 minutes flat. I have my staples there. But like I said, I entered a new decade, and there really has to be a little bit more than that already considering my age. And Ultherapy® allows me that liberty of super low maintenance without having to worry about it. I do it once a year, and the results really stay long. It’s very important for me also, however, to go to a trusted doctor. Even before the pandemic, there were so many unaccredited clinics that were advertising on social media accounts—and they were pricing their treatments about the same [as the real one] or maybe a bit less—but the machines were fake. And because the face is something we all have to take care of, it’s totally important to go to an accredited doctor for this. 

Dr. Aivee Teo and Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez at the Aivee Clinic

What kind of confidence do you feel after you see the results of your Ultherapy® treatment?

I was really surprised with how quickly the effects appeared compared to my first time—that’s almost half the time. I’m leaving [the country] next week, and I timed my treatment really a month before, because I know it kicks in faster now. This is actually  my fourth, so I have complete confidence that it’s going to have even better results, because I did the undereye—which is a new thing for me. 

Now that the world is easing pandemic restrictions and recovery is under way, how important is it to invest in yourself and face your best once again with a treatment like Ultherapy®?

You know I’ve recommended this treatment to so many friends already, and they have been very happy with the results too. Of course, some people are so worried, more than anything, that it might be an invasive treatment, and I keep repeating that it’s not. I think a lot of people are still apprehensive of touching their face because they don’t want bad results. But because I’ve posted [Ultherapy® treatment] videos, and I still think I look the same [post-procedure]—just an enhanced version of me, that’s how I was able to convince so many friends as well as family. I mean, even family who don’t even live here! When they come, they go straight to the Aivee Clinic for Ultherapy® because they’ve been so amazed by the results, and they’ve seen my before-and-after journey. One thing that I also want to point out is that I’m very conscious of my square jawline, and I feel that Ultherapy® really helps make it look slimmer. 

What would you like to say to the people out there who are still looking for the right skin lifting treatments out there, and are overwhelmed with all the choices available now?

I think that you really pay for the quality. The easiest way for me to convince other people to try Ultherapy® is that it lasts for a whole year, and so if it lasts a whole year—it’s just the same as getting another one of those lifts that cost ten grand a month, every month. You have to keep going back for those treatments, which is what some of my friends used to do. So ever since they’ve gotten Ultherapy®, they’ve stopped going to the clinic once a month and they just get it once a year—for about the same price for the whole face. 

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