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Metro Beauty Haul: Refresh Your Kit With These Skincare Finds

There's no shortage of amazing new serums and sunscreen here!

There's a joy that comes from discovering new products to add to your beauty kit. From a new lipstick that totally flatters your skin tone, a fragrance that is able to represent the mood you're in for the season, to an eyeliner that makes your eyes look extra special. We beauty girls are always on the lookout for the next best thing, so we rounded up our new batch of new must-try skincare picks so you, too can start adding to cart. Enjoy!

Human Heart Nature Vit. C + Hya Calamansi Radiance Serum

No, you don't need to spend a fortune on a good Vitamin C serum! Thanks to this new local gem by Human Heart Nature, brighter, glowy-er skin is within reach! At just P495, you get the goodness of local calamansi extract that promises 100% natural, concentrate-rich in Vitamin C that's gentler on skin. Not just that, we get to enjoy the goodness of hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid too, which holds 1000x its weight in moisture for firmer, deeply-hydrated skin. It’s also formulated with naturally-sourced zinc which helps balance your skin’s oiliness, allowing you to enjoy radiant skin that’s shine-free. Stock up on this new skincare gem and reveal your natural radiance minus harmful chemicals!

Human Nature Vitamin C + Hya Calamansi Radiance Serum


  • Human Nature Vitamin C + Hya Calamansi Radiance Serum

Pure Culture Dream Drops Universal Hydro-Oil

On the lookout for a facial oil that targets ageing concerns? Local brand Pure Culture just launched its newest powerhouse product, a cutting-edge dual-phase oil powered by antioxidant duo Resveratrol and Edelweiss Callus Culture that deeply hydrates skin and prevents premature ageing. Especially formulated for those with dry, dehydrated, mature, sensitive skin, or have a damaged skin barrier, this water-based phase deeply hydrates with humectants like Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium Hyaluronate, and powerful antioxidants like Resveratrol and cutting-edge biotech Edelweiss Callus Culture Extract, also known as Plant Stem Cell. They work together to give your skin a healthy, youthful glow while protecting it from the elements and the havoc they can wreak on your complexion. It's also infused with a Tetra-Luxe Lipid blend of plant-based oils like Rosehip, Borage, Tamanu, and Sea Buckthron, making it extra good for your skin.

Pure Culture Dream Drops Universal Hydro-Oil


  • Pure Culture Dream Drops Universal Hydro-Oil

Amway Artistry Skin Nutrition Multi-Defense UV Protect SPF50+

By now you already know how important sun protection is, and how crucial it is to find your SPF match! Despite weather getting cooler due to the rainy season, we beauty gals know for a fact that applying sunscreen is a non-negotiable! Go beyond ordinary sunscreen to protect skin from other daily skin-agers of the modern screen-filled world: UVA/UVB, blue light and infrared, pollution, ozone, smoke, and dry, over-air-conditioned areas. Make the most of this product's all-day, time-release antioxidant protection and boost your skin’s natural defense system 350% with the extraordinary Prevent Complex, which helps prevent visible damage caused by environmental aggressors—and delay the visible signs of aging. A good sunscreen is always a great investment!

Amway Artistry Skin Nutrition™ Multi-Defense UV Protect SPF50+


  • Amway Artistry Skin Nutrition™ Multi-Defense UV Protect SPF50+

Kojie.San Tinted Sunscreen SPF50

If you're looking for another reason to be convinced that sunscreen is important, here it is! Kojie.San just launched a sunscreen that works for all skin tones—the Tinted Sunscreen SPF50! What sets it apart is its innovative True Tone Technology that adapts to any skin tone. This tinted sunscreen comes in a universal shade that eases any worries about shade matching, making it ideal for women on-the-go. It also RadiCare technology (Radiation Care), a protective barrier that shields the skin not just from sunlight but also from blue light that is emitted from gadgets, WiFi, and other external radiation aggressors that pollute the skin. It helps reduce the appearance of visible skin aging and helps increase and improve skin hydration while reducing skin roughness. Skin imperfections? They're non-existent with this product as it's able to blur them out. Our beauty kits will never be the same with this game changer, a great new find in the local market.

Kojie San Tinted Sunscreen


  • Kojie San Tinted Sunscreen

Kojie.San Super Serum

One innovation simply isn't enough for Kojie.San! Meet their Super Serum, the first with kojic acid! While most serums out in the market contain only Niacinamide, Vitamin C, and or Hyaluronic Acid, Kojie.San Super Serum has all these in one with the addition of its potent kojic acid. The combination of these four powerful ingredients will help you achieve a dewy, glassy, supercharged glow. Kojie.San Super Serum is made more powerful and effective by Zero Pigment Light Technology, which allows kojic acid to penetrate the skin’s layers and reduce melanin production, which causes skin darkening. Niacinamide is known to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, help prevent moisture loss, and even out skin tone. Vitamin C brightens skin, while Hyaluronic Acid helps maintain skin health and promote elasticity.

Kojie San Super Serum


  • Kojie San Super Serum

Paula's Choice RESIST Triple Active Total Repair Serum

While we're on the topic of serums, one that's disruptive of the ageing process is the newest from international skincare brand Paula's Choice. This new formula is clinically proven to visibly improve lines, discoloration, and firmness in as little as one week with its potent blend of hexylresorcinol, retinoid, plus niacinamide. The 0.3% retinyl propionate visibly firms and smooths the skin, the 5% niacinamide evens out skin tone and enhances the efficacy of retinoids, and the 0.4% hexylresorcinol targets and fades dark spots that can develop on the skin. Best used twice a day after cleansing, toning, and exfoliating, apply an even layer to the face and neck. Since the product contains retinol, it's best to finish the skincare routine off with SPF30+ or higher. 

Paula's Choice Triple Active Total Repair Serum


  • Paula's Choice Triple Active Total Repair Serum

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Neroli

The well-loved multi-purpose oil just turned 30 years old! To continue in its mission to push the "consume less but better" approach, the beloved skin, body, and hair oil gets a 2023 update with its Neroli formula, its first certified organic dry oil. It is set to bring its beautiful glow to all skin types, concentrating all its expertise in botanical oils and its unique Made in France art of formulation to create a silky texture with a dry touch. The new mixed scent with soothing notes of Neroli, Bergamot, and Lavandin, provides a concentrated sense of serenity to soothe all souls. It's still multi-purpose, promising nourished, luminous skin and softer, shinier hair.


Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Neroli


  • Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Neroli
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