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Discover Endless Ways to Glow with Our Newest Beauty Holy Grail Product!

The new Pond’s Glow Up Cream works multiple wonders, and can easily be incorporated into your beauty routine!

These days, every body part requires a specific beauty product to address different needs. Think lip masks, eye creams, hand creams, and even foot treatments. There are even products specially formulated for elbows and necks!

While we have nothing against having multiple skincare products, applying too many creams and serums day and night can get a bit excessive. It’s during these times we might feel the need to take a Marie Kondo-like approach and streamline our routines with products that are multi-use, or should we say, that can spark joy or in this case, FUN!

This is why we’re obsessed with the new Pond’s Instabright Glow Up Cream! With its illuminating tint and light-reflecting particles usually achieved by makeup, blended with hydrating hyaluronic acid and brightening vitamin B3 of skincare, trust us when we say that you can use this product in so many ways, that it lets you #GlowYourOwnWay!


Here are the different ways you can make this product your own.

Self-care after a long day? Use it as a moisturizer!

Even if you’re a no-fuss, makeup-free kind of girl, you likely moisturize your skin twice a day. After all, nothing beats the way glowy, healthy, moisturized skin looks. So, wash away the day’s dirt and grime with a good cleanser, then follow it through with Pond’s Instabright Glow Up Cream every morning and evening. Get the benefits of a moisturizer by making it the last step of your self-care session. For this, we recommend the Pearly Aura shade. 

Going on a Zoom date? Use it as a makeup!

Apart from being a great skincare product, what’s more to love about the new Pond’s Instabright Glow Up Cream is that it can also be used as makeup. No need to spend a ton on a highlighter and illuminator on your next zoom date with bae, as this product pretty much gets the job done in a snap! Dot the shimmery Glow Up Cream above your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, above your cupid’s bow, beneath and above the arch of your brows, and on parts of your face where light hits, and voila, you're ready to go! The Golden Sunshine shade is perfect for this!

Need to ace a presentation? Use it as a primer!

Want to elevate your look of the day to boost your confidence for an important Zoom meeting? Grab the new Pond’s Instabright Glow Up Cream in Pink Crush now and use it as a primer to achieve that coveted “glow from within.” It helps set the makeup products you’ll be applying so that it stays on all day, minus the smudges. After all, the way you look and present yourself can help make a good first impression with your client.

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