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We've Found Your Newest Beauty Haven In The City

Being busy nowadays is already considered the new normal. In fact, if you are a woman living in today's society, chances are—you're overworked, stressed out, and lacking in rest and relaxation. 

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What's a woman to do in order to fight back? Stress is inevitable, but if you want to ward off the ugly effects of stress (think abnormal ageing and disease), then you've got to find ways to inject a little more R&R into your life STAT!

Here at Metro.Style, we spend hours on end looking for the best new self-care products, services, and treatments we can get our hands on to make sure we're living our best lives. The latest in skincare, the newest makeup additions to our vanity, as well as the best new services we should be trying are just some of the ways we practice self-care and self-love. 



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Just recently, I found myself indulging in a treat at one of the newest havens of beauty in the metro—BEAUTIQA, a multi-brand beauty boutique in the heart of Ortigas at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall. This flagship store houses some of the best in anti-ageing, skincare, and other specialty products worthy of your attention. 



And no, you don't just shop here, you actually get to sample most of the products at their in-house skin spa that offers cutting-edge facials to the discerning beauty crowd. Here, you get to try some of the most advanced formulas exclusively available at Beautiqa, even before you bring them home. Their facials do not involve pricking, just application of products via specialized procedures by their trained therapists.

I personally found myself transported into facial bliss, an hour or so of pure relaxation via skilled therapist hands, applying each product gracefully, making sure the products seep deep into my skin. I won't mind coming back to escape the city's craziness one more time, and you too, should give it a try!

Some of the brands available here are the following:



Take your anti-ageing efforts to the next level with Fillerina, a Swiss brand of skincare that boasts of 6 hyaluronic acids and key ingredients in low-molecular weights, which allows them to reach the skin's deeper layers. Its 14-day filler treatment is topical, and can be applied in the comforts of your own home. It targets stubborn deep wrinkles and lines minus the scary procedures.

Another bestseller among the Fillerina line is The Lip Plump, which when rolled 5 times a day, can help you achieve fuller, natural-looking volume to help define your lip's shape. 


BoYan i

Korean brand BoYan i is a probiotic line of products that specialize in hyper sensitive and delicate skin. Its formula can even be used on kids, so you know it's that specialized. Cleansers, creams, and lotions have gentle formulas that do not contain irritants like parabens, alcohol, strong scents, and pigments. Achieve baby soft skin with its Panthenol ingredient that calms and soothens dry and irritated skin.



Thinning hair? Beautiqa may just have the solution you've been looking for. The Crescina line of shampoos and conditioners addresses the root problem by rejuvenating and strengthening the hair bulbs and follicles to encourage regrowth, and eventually prevent hairfall!


Labo Trans Dermic

This intensive line of anti-ageing also by Labo Cosprophar boasts of "Transdermic Technology", which is based on the idea of low-molecular weight ingredients' ability to reach the skin's deeper levels. This line has an unprecedented 8 hyaluronic acids, all in low-molecular weights. For women on-the-go, the 5-Actions ULTRA serum contains all the active molecules found in Total Dermic's different serums in the core lines—Anti-Age, Anti-Wrinkle, Cleansing, Hypersensitive, and Clarifying.


If all this seems overwhelming to you, we don't blame you, because the mere prospect of getting your hands on a product that you've been waiting for surely sends much excitement (and questions) you can't wait to have answered. That's why paying a visit to Beautiqa is the next best thing you should do—they offer free one-on-one consultations available by appointment.



Beautiqa is located at the 3/F of Shangri-La Plaza Mall Main Wing. For appointments, call (0908) 8868542 or e-mail