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O2 Skin Lab: Your Haven For Achieving Korean Skin Perfection

Are you a fan of K-Beauty or know of someone who is? I'm pretty sure you do, because honestly—who doesn't want to achieve porcelain skin perfection like that of Koreans? They've practically mastered the science behind looking doll-like, with cosmetics and skin treatments alike.

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We've shopped for countless K-Beauty products that have changed our vanity kits for the better—sheet masks, sheer lip tints, cushion compacts, the list goes on! We've devoted time and energy into practicing the 10-step Korean skincare regimen day in and day out, despite Manila's humidity. While we haven't gone to the extremes with cosmetic surgery, we're keen on the idea of a haven for Korean beauty right in the heart of Manila!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet O2 Skin Lab, the skin clinic that specializes in Korean beauty. They believe in putting your best face forward by way of self-care through a continuous routine of cultivating your best self!


The O2 Skin Lab lobby


They say that in Korea, everyone, as in everyone from housewives to top executives have a skincare regimen. This practice of self-care reflects how one carries him or herself in society, and a beautiful face is part of showing respect to others, as well as making a good impression. It's like saying "I respect you", so making an effort to fix one's self can be equated to good manners. Now that's a great way to go about it; it's not just vanity after all!


While we have our go-to aesthetic centers, O2 Skin Lab occupies a unique segment in the local beauty market. They aim to provide high quality services at a value-friendly price, which is absolutely available for all. The K-Beauty technology offered at O2 Skin Lab are the best practices of Korea. 


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You can be sure of the best quality at the center, as they uphold the best of Korean practices in medicine. Only trained doctors are allowed to handle machines for treatments, to make sure clients are safe while procedures are carried out. 


The body treatment room


The Signature Korean facial consists of a hand technique/relaxation massage and a machine. There is a special Korean mask applied, and the whole process takes about two hours including skin cleaning and relaxation. In here, everything that touches your skin is from Korea. Their menu of services include non-surgical minimally invasive treatments like Fraxel and microneedling.

When you come in for a consultation, the doctor checks your skin by way of skin analysis, asks for your concerns, and then addresses the issue. This is done because each client is different, so the treatments are customized in a scientific way.


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The facial room



What exactly is a beauty Inssa, you ask? It simply means an "insider". O2 Skin Lab aims to create Inssas by letting them in the circle that's well-versed in coveted Korean beauty secrets. These Inssas are passionate about taking care of themselves by way of treatments at the clinic. This is the Korean beauty way of life!


The laser room


“Koreans have a saying ‘A beautiful rice cake is a delicious rice cake,’ which means that a visually appealing aesthetic entails work that not only polishes the surface, but also ensures that it has been nurtured from within,” notes co-founder and CEO of O2 Skin Lab Phillip Cho.



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Are you excited to experience the best Korean beauty in Manila? Head over the O2 Skin Lab, located at Unit 1218, High Street South Corporate Plaza Tower 1, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.