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On Our Radar: Clinical Skincare

Taking care of one’s skin isn’t new. This age-old practice of facial upkeep has been around for so long, but it’s only recently that the world has seriously taken notice of the nitty gritty of skincare, and how it can be done on a more personal level. Gone are the days when heading to the dermatologist is all you can do to take charge of your skin.


Drunk Elephant


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Lancer Skincare


The Ordinary


We launched The Ordinary's Amino Acids + B5 a little shy of 3 months ago and feel really guilty for not sharing more information about this powerful hydrator sooner ?? We've just updated our website and a not-so-short summary can be found below: ?? ?? Amino Acids (essential and non-essential) work in synergy with each other to form proteins that enable various biological processes. On the skin, Amino Acids promote skin repair, hydration and water retention. Our concentrated solution includes Amino Acids and Amino Acid derivatives to provide a combined total concentration of 17% (by weight). This resembles the composition of the skin's own Amino Acids within our Natural Moisturizing Factors to provide the above listed functions in addition to enhanced barrier support, elasticity, osmotic balance and desquamation.? ?? The formulation also includes a 5% (by weight) concentration of D-Panthenol (a pro-vitamin of Vitamin B5) which provides surface and below-surface hydration, while aiding in skin repair and anti-irritant functions.? ????? ? ? Amino Acids + B5 may cause a slight tingling upon application and can be mixed with other serums or creams to reduce this sensation. We suggest applying Amino Acids + B5 as one of the first steps of your routine before oils and creams, morning and night.

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Brands like Drunk Elephant and Lancer Skincare have made clinical skincare more accessible for the regular girl, and with some diligence and a hefty serving of patience, you, too, can treat your skin like a true MD. Alpha hydroxy acids? Polypeptide Creams? Who’s ready to get into the science-y part of beauty?

To find out more about what the science-y words mean, check this out: Beauty Buzzwords: What Do These Science-y Words Mean?


This article was originally published in Metro Magazine's October 2018 Hot List Issue. Lead photos via Drunk Elephant