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Proudly Filipino Beauty Brand Pili Ani Debuts On The Home Shopping Network

The indie beauty brand finds itself on a global stage, as they bring back the attention to their artisans from the Bicol Region

Just when the worldwide trend for businesses and companies is to downsize or shut doors amidst the on-going pandemic, proudly Filipino brand Pili Ani chooses to go the opposite direction. Thinking big, and dreaming big are what they have in mind—reaching an international market despite hardships and challenges that lie ahead. This kind of passion is what we love hearing about, and Pili Ani is one such prime example of a brand that is up for the challenge!

Pili Ani co-founder and visionary Mary Jane Ong recalls, "2020 was a year for re-thinking, re-branding, recruiting and building a team that shared the same goals, work ethics and beliefs.”  In the process of this pivot, Pili Ani chose to push forward, bring back the glory to their farmers (fondly called artisans by the Pili Ani team) and communities in the Bicol region, and put their Philippine-made products front and center on a global stage. It's time for the Pili and Elemi Oils to be known worldwide.


Artisan Focus

Pili Ani takes pride in their artisans, the very farmers of Bicol, who are responsible for the planting, harvesting, and creation of the two very special oils they highlight in their roster of world-class products. “Inclusive is such a big work. For us at the company, it's not just about race, ethnicity, gender. It’s also about making sure that we take care of our farmers—the heart and soul that drives our work", Mary Jane shares.

Amidst such difficult times, Pili Ani makes sure to use the words 'sustainable' and 'ethical' in the right way—by making sure their beloved artisans are taken care of by including them in the company's plans and growth. After all, bigger plans for the brand only mean more opportunities for the said groups. Mary Jane further says, “We want to make sure that they are not short changed. We want to uplift them, which is why we consider our farmers artisans. Our aim is not to just provide us with needs but wants as well. That’s what we mean by inclusive.” 

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Editor’s Pick: Pili Ani Ageless Concentrate For Reducing Fine Lines and Lift

The Global Stage

It came natural for Pili Ani to turn to the digital sphere for their selling points in the local market, but it also meant taking the risk of losing the important conversation with the customer. Unlike an actual store or boutique, clients are able to inquire and discuss with a sales representative more than if they were just clicking online, and that was one of the main factors that pushed Pili Ani to pursue their dream of going further.

By further, we mean taking their brand internationally, as they intended from the start, by way of trying their luck at Home Shopping Network's 'The Big Find'—a show that is likened to Shark Tank, but instead of pitching ideas to investors or mentors, they talk directly to customers of Home Shopping Network and QVC, some of the biggest TV shopping portals in the United States. Mary Jane quips, "I didn’t think twice about submitting. If they think you are a good fit, you get a golden ticket and move on to the next level.” 


Hello, Home Shopping Network!

We are proud to share that the proudly Filipino brand Pili Ani has landed their much-deserved spot on the Home Shopping Network, which launches on February 24, at 10 PM Manila time, and February 25, 5 AM Manila time on the Home Shopping Network Facebook Fan Page. Truly a momentous occasion, this milestone creates the perfect moment for an indie brand like Pili Ani to be recognized and discovered on a global-scale, furthering their reach, creating more opportunities for the brand to expand ahead. 

On the show, they will be able to introduce, discuss, and accept live caller questions about the brand, relaying the unique products and message they carry. “Hardly anyone knows about the benefits of Pili and Elemi oils when incorporated into a daily routine. I also feel that through HSN we will be able to effectively share with viewers the wonders of two amazing oils—Pili and Elemi—sourced from one tree. There is no other source quite like it", Mary Jane shares.


Pili Ani Takes The World

We revel in the idea of a Filipino brand making it big abroad, and this is no different. Having our unique products available on a foreign stage gives us much pride, and makes us think of the wonderful opportunities it brings our very own people. Gone are the days when Elemi oils extracted from the Pili tree is reserved for luxury beauty giants, as Pili Ani's lineup of products are readily available and accessible to a larger consumer base. You don't have to break the bank to enjoy these amazing affordable goods that were made with a luxury mindset—you just have to try going local, and try them for yourself! 

Now that Pili Ani is gaining more traction abroad, it's time to be proud of our very own Pili and Elemi oils, found in Pili Ani products. "Many ingredients all over the world represent their respective countries. You have Argan from Morocco, Marula from Africa. Why not have Pili and Elemi oils from the Philippines?", Mary Jane asks.


Three years ago, the humble brand launched at the prestigious Cosmoprof Show in Las Vegas, where they already got a lot of positive feedback. Buyers from Nordstrom, Credo, Home Shopping Network, Saks Fifth Avenue were present and met with the founders, and after their first meeting with HSN, they knew it was time to re-think and re-strategize Pili Ani's journey. Who knew that pandemic-ridden 2020 would be the key to reviving such a dream?

“This brand and milestone is not just for the company and the farmers. It is also something that we hope the country can be proud of", Mary Jane ends. Congratulations to the team behind Pili Ani, we are indeed filled with pride!

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