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EXCLUSIVE: Rachel Peters And Katarina Rodriguez Share Their Summer Skincare Routines—Plus Bikini-Ready Tips!

Hello, beach babes! The countdown to summer begins, and we all can't wait to hit the beach to feel the wind in our hair and the sand in between our toes.

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Ready to seas the day? Load up your summer beauty arsenal, it girl-style! In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style, the recently launched ambassadors of upscale lash extensions services company New Lounge PH shared their beauty secrets with us—from their summer skincare routine to their beach-ready diets and workout tips. For your dose of beauty inspiration from pageant queens Katarina Rodriguez, Rachel Peters, and Winwyn Marquez, and models Sirene Sutton, Jessica Yang, and Patricia Henson, scroll ahead!



Metro.Style: What’s inside your makeup kit when hitting the beach?

Katarina Rodriguez: "Foundation or B.B. cream with SPF, cheek and lip tint, and a bronzer for a natural glow. And of course—waterproof everything!"

Rachel Peters: "Sunnies face Lifebrow and BLK Cosmetics Cheek Tint"

Winwyn Marquez: "SUNBLOCK! I love the beach but I also make sure I take care of my skin."

Jessica Yang: "Sunblock, face mist, lip balm, cream base blush, and highlights"

Sirene Sutton: "B.B. cream with SPF, cream blush and contour, eyebrow mascara, and lipstick"

Patricia Henson: "I don’t bring my make up kit when hitting the beach."


Metro.Style Picks:

(L-R Clockwise) Skin Defence sunscreen, The Body Shop; facial mist, Evian; cream blush, Bobbi Brown; Hoola bronzer, Benefit Cosmetics; Lifebrow mascara, Sunnies Face; Watt’s Up highlighter, Benefit Cosmetics; lip balm, Burt’s Bees; cheek and lip tint, BLK Cosmetics



Metro.Style: What is your summer skincare routine before hitting the beach?

Katarina Rodriguez: "My skincare in Siargao is very different from my city skincare routine. When I’m on the island, I put on hydration moisturizer every morning and night. I also use hydration masks at least once a week to keep my skin from getting dry, since I’m under the sun majority of the time. Of course, I also use SPF moisturizer when I wake up and right before surfing and tanning sessions."

Rachel Peters: "[In the morning,] I put on Kopari Coconut Face Cream and sunblock. At night, I use Kopari Coconut Face Cream followed by Khiel's Calendula Toner (to make sure I get all the sunblock off). Finally, I apply Khiel's Midnight Recovery serum."

Winwyn Marquez:  "I have really sensitive skin, so I usually stop using my toner and other skincare products before I hit the beach, since I'll be exposed to the sun. However, I never, ever forget to put sunscreen on my face!"

Jessica Yang: "Always use sunscreen and apply after-sun care!"

Sirene Sutton: "Putting on sunscreen and moisturizer is very important. Not only do they protect you from the sun, but they also keep your skin supple."

Patricia Henson: "I cleanse and apply sunscreen in the morning, and then cleanse and moisturize in the evening!"


Metro.Style Picks:

(L-R Clockwise) Calendula Toner, Kiehls; Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Kiehls; sunscreen Biorè; coconut face cream, Kopari; Calendula & aloe hydration face mask, Kiehls; aloe vera moisturizer, Nature Republic


Metro.Style: How do you get bikini-ready?

Katarina Rodriguez: "Today is actually the start of my preparation for summer! I've been with my trainer Gib Osbert since 2013, and he’s great. Over the years, we’ve found that intermittent fasting and a healthy keto diet are best for me. For workouts, I focus on fasted cardio, glute workouts and body shaping. I also always do Muay Thai."


Rachel Peters: "Working out is a part of my routine. I work out regularly—around 4 times a week, all year round. It’s not about having a “bikini ready” body—you should love your body no matter what. What is important is for you to be confident in yourself!


Winwyn Marquez: "I have a personal trainer (Dandy Chua), and we really mix up my workout from cardio and weights to high intensity training. Working out is now part of my routine—if I could go to the gym every day, I will. As for my diet, I don't [follow] any—but I make sure I stay active." 


Jessica Yang: "I’ve been trying to gain weight, so I now lift at the gym and I also do Lagree [editor's note: Lagree is a high-intensity, low-impact workout that stimulates core strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance, and flexibility.] Lagree is my favorite for when I want my abs to be more defined. I don't follow any diet—I'm just not a fan of meat."


Sirene Sutton: "I do full body workout—from my arms and my core, to of course, my legs. As for my diet, I eat normally, but lessen my carb intake."


Patricia Henson: "I maintain a healthy lifestyle year round. I’m not big on diets, because I don’t like restricting myself. I eat what I want when I want. But I also make sure to stay active! I do outdoor activities every now and then, and I make it a point to work for an hour, 2-3 times a week."




Metro.Style: What do you look for in a swimsuit?

Katarina Rodriguez: "I like anything that I can surf in and will give me minimum tan lines. Also, a swimsuit where the fit is perfect for my body, meaning nothing gets ipit!"

Rachel Peters: "Everyone’s body type is different, and it’s good to try many different styles to see which is flattering on your body. I like wearing pieces with a high cut because they give the illusion of longer legs and a smaller waist!"

Winwyn Marquez: "A perfect, comfortable fit!"

Jessica Yang: "I prefer my bikinis small and with simple cuts and designs, so that I can get a proper tan."

Sirene Suttons: "I look for a good fit that can [complement] my curves. It's also important that I feel comfortable wearing it—you always look good when you are comfortable!"

Patricia Henson: "Simplicity, a great color, and a perfect fit."


Metro.Style: What is one summer fashion trend you love right now?

Katarina Rodriguez: "Tie-dye is making a big come back! I’m actually planning to tie dye a bunch of white clothes to maximize this summer trend."

Rachel Peters: "I’m not a very trendy person, but a good bikini/one-piece never fails to make me feel confident when I’m at the beach."

Winwyn Marquez: "New Lounge’s summer lashes, of course!"

Jessica Yang: "I don’t follow trends, but I always love vintage summer dresses and shirts. They're super cute!"

Sirene Sutton: "Those sporty space-age goggle shades and comfortable artisan sandals."

Patricia Henson: "Colors, colors, colors!"


Photography by Charles Rodulfo
Videography by ProjectGeekid
Makeup by Anthea Bueno & Chie Gonzales using Sunnies Face
Hair by Jeck Aguilar
Swimsuits from Boom Sason
Clothes from Zoo Label
Sunglasses from Sunnies Studios?
Shot on location at Vivere Azure, Anilao, Batangas
Special thanks to NÉW Lounge