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Look Effortlessly Glowing This Christmas Season

Be the life of the party, and the talk of the town, when you arrive with undeniably glowing skin!

Christmas season is upon us once again! If you're anything like us, we’ve been rocking a lot of Christmas parties left and right, reunions with friends and family, and soon comes the New Year’s Eve countdown bash! And it goes without saying—we’re sure you want to look your best every single time, looking stunning and mesmerizing in all of your photos for the ‘gram.

While dressing up like royalty can definitely level up your presence at any party, feeling gorgeous and fresh from within just helps you steal the scene without much effort. And sometimes, all it takes to feel genuinely beautiful from inside out is a hassle-free yet effective skincare regimen. 

Ahead, a couple of simple skincare tips that you may want to incorporate into your beauty routine this holiday season, so you can be sure to arrive at the party with confidence!


Achieve Brighter Skin, STAT!

While you may think fairer skin is hard to achieve in a jiffy, Silka Green Papaya Soap saves the day. In as early as seven days, you may see a more glowing, fairer skin! Even beauty star Angelica Panganiban swears by this soap. The actress revealed in a press event lately that Silka Green Soap is truly one of her well-treasured beauty tricks these days for that brighter skin.

Silka Green Papaya Soap is of course enriched with Papaya enzymes that lighten the skin, while its VitaRich Actives help moisturize the skin, leaving it fresh and smooth. With regular use, you’d get lighter and moisturized skin without the sting, redness and without waiting for too long. 

“While makeup can definitely upgrade your looks, iba pa rin yung feeling mo glowing ka from within kasi alam mo inaalagaan mo ang skin mo. With Silka Green Papaya Soap, my skin looks brighter, lightened and feels smoother,” the actress shared at a recent press event. “Ang maganda pa, walang  hapdi with Silka Green Papaya Soap.” 


Experience an Effortless Glow

While you can experience quick skin lightening results from Silka Green Papaya Soap, you may achieve best results with Silka Green Papaya lotion. Cap that extra glow on your skin that’ll surely make you feel even fresher and more ravishing!

Just like the soap, Silka Green Papaya lotion is also enriched with Papaya enzymes that lightens skin with every slather. Its Nutriblend complex helps your skin vitamins comprised of Vitamin B3 to even more stimulate collagen production for firmer skin.

This lotion also has Vitamin B6 for smoother skin, Vitamin B5 for moisturizing factors, Vitamin C for that glow and hydration, and Vitamin E with its natural antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals. 

Perfect for the humid and often unpredictable weather in the Philippines, this lotion is also infused with Vita-absorb technology, which ensures a non-greasy formula that also helps skin absorb the vitamins faster. It also has SPF 10 that protects your skin from the harmful UV rays from the sun. With this lotion, you can enjoy that complete skin protection, while looking all glowing!

These two simple skincare tips are easy but can result to amazing improvements in your skin. Looking and feeling gorgeous and fresh from within this holiday season shouldn’t be difficult! 


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