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Must-Buy Gifts For Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

Make your loved ones feel special this season by sharing the gift of #AlagangSilka!

With the sheer amount of gift ideas online right now—from useful and inexpensive gifts to home and travel gifts—it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, in the beauty and skincare department, this year, products have gone up to a whole other level as a lot of brands have stepped up to offer some of the best cosmetic and skincare products we've seen in years. And more importantly, there’s also a focus on budget-friendly products that can do all the work for you.

This giving season, more than just buying our loved ones beloved beauty gifts, why not give them the gift of ‘alaga'? These days, it has become more comfortable for us to remain busy and work harder, than for us to let go and relax every once in a while. We might also end up forgetting just how much our loved ones mean to us until something happens. This holiday season, give the gift of care—both to yourself and to your loved ones.

Ahead, allow us share with you the gift of #AlagangSilka, with these skin-nurturing products that you can give yourself and your loved ones. Happy shopping!

Miss Silka Philippines 2019 Sends a Strong Message of Self-Care


Miss Silka Philippines 2019 Sends a Strong Message of Self-Care

Silka Papaya Soap & Silka Papaya Lotion

Care for your body by cleansing and whitening your skin with this multi-awarded papaya soap and lotion from Silka. Silka Papaya Lotion won Lazada’s first ever Beauty Awards: The Local Edition, among others. What’s more to love from Silka Papaya soap is how it can leave your skin fairer, fresh and moisturized. Time to say hello to whiter, smoother and glowing skin! For best results, use regularly with Silka Papaya lotion. It is enriched with 5 skin vitamins- Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, so your skin will surely glow in no time. Totally perfect this holiday season!

Silka Papaya Premium Lotion

Get your much needed sun protection by adding this premium lotion to your daily beauty routine. Infused with VitaAbsorb Technology, this product helps in moisture retention and absorption of all active ingredients into skin. 

Silka Papaya Facial Cleanser

Care for your face by using Silka Papaya Facial Cleanser to whiten your skin while removing dead skin, enhances skin renewal, refines pores, and moisturizes your face to achieve hydrated and radiant look.

Silka Papaya Deodorant

As we all desire for soft, smooth, white and sweat-free underarms, Silka provides one that addresses all our needs. Enriched with Papaya Enzyme, it whitens skin and has Vitamin B3 that helps in collagen production, and it also has a non-greasy formula so it’s less sticky.

Here’s One Skin Whitening Product You Should Be Adding To Your Beauty Stash STAT!


Here’s One Skin Whitening Product You Should Be Adding To Your Beauty Stash STAT!

Silka Green Papaya Soap & Silka Green Papaya Lotion

You don’t have to experience pain and sting just to get that fair glow! With regular use of the Silka Green Papaya soap and lotion, you’ll get lighter, moisturized skin, and experience the ‘Puting Walang Hapdi’ in as early as 7 days. Packed with Papaya Enzymes and Nutriblend complex, this lotion is perfect for the humid and changing weather here in our country. It is infused with Vita-absorb technology which helps in moisture retention and faster absorption of skin vitamins.

Silka Green Papaya Premium Lotion

Do you know that areas like the hands, neck, and upper chest are magnets for the harmful UV rays that destroy collagen and leave you with loose, wrinkled and uneven skin? To combat this, we recommend using Silka Green Papaya Premium Lotion to prevent this damage, and a richer, more intense repairing lotion at night to rebuild your collagen and repair your skin cells.

Silka Green Papaya Facial Cleanser

Still looking for a facial cleanser that won’t make your skin feeling dry and tight? Check out this facial cleanser enriched with Papaya Extract and Vitamin B3 to enhance skin renewal and refine your pores—and get ready for hydrated and radiant skin in no time!

Silka Green Papaya Deodorant

Get the complete care for your body by using a trusted deodorant! Infused with Papaya Enzyme and Vitamin B3, it whitens your underarm while having a non-greasy formula so it’s less sticky.

What are you waiting for? It’s never too late to show your love and share the gift of alaga to your loved ones!

Silka is available nationwide in your favorite stores and online thru Shopee and Lazada.

For more information about Silka, visit their Facebook and follow them on Instagram at @SilkaSkincare