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This Gadget Can Lighten Scars, Tighten Skin, And Give You A Healthy Glow All At Once

Achieveing healthy, youthful skin and getting that coveted glow truly is a lot of hard work. Unless you were blessed with flawless genes, one must invest in proper skincare practices, indulge in often pricey products, and undergo expensive treatments to get a semblance of good skin. We're not here to tell you to do otherwise, though! We feel you—we've been there, and we know that getting good skin is the foundation for good makeup and self-confidence.



But really skin, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?! ??

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But sometimes, after giving all the time, money, and effort for achieving glowing skin, some things still don't work, and you end up accumulating tons of products just sitting on your bathroom shelf collecting dust. The truth is, you actually only need a few products that work for you, so you save both time and money and eventually achieve your skin goals at the same time. 


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One such brand that eliminates the one-size-fits-all approach is Skin, Inc., a skincare line present in 78 cities around the world, boasts of Japanese technology for their line of customized serums. Dubbed "the most innovative beauty brand" by Coveteur, Skin, Inc. prides itself in creating a "one-size-fits-me" line of products, respecting the fact that everyone is unique. And you can rejoice, for Skin, Inc. can now be purchased in Manila very soon on Calyxta



Give your skin exactly what it needs, when it needs it, with the brand's vast range of customizable skincare products, and their best-selling gadget, the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light! When skin and technology meet, you know it's a formula that can't be beat. At Skin, Inc., they get to know you on a deeper level, putting into consideration the different lifestyle and environmental factors that contribute to your skin's current condition. 


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A generic bottle of skincare may not be able to address those little quirks your lifestyle has, but Skin, Inc. is confident that it can! As you create your profile on Skin, Inc.'s website, you get to input details on 'My Skin Identity', the brand's proprietary self-diagnostic tool that utilizes an original, intuitive quiz that aims to give you the answers you need!



Their system then recommends what you need—a potent, custom-blended potion of a serum that addresses your skin concerns in one bottle! Now where can you find something like that? Efficient, fuss-free, and truly ground-breaking!

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And that's not all! For these serums to work to their best potential, Skin, Inc. brings us their cult favorite product, the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++! [As of press time, the brand just released its newest addition to the line, the rechargeable version of this gadget!] This wonder product has five modes/benefits: Repair, Glow, Soothe, Optimize, and V-Sculpt! 

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This ain't your ordinary gadget that cleans or tightens; this product combines the power of NASA-inspired LED Chromotherapy and Low Frequency Stimulation to target and address multiple skin concerns for ultimately younger-looking, glowing skin, all at the comforts of your home (or your office, if you please!)

Now imagine your vanity filled with just the bare essentials—nothing too over-the-top or fancy, just the simplest, purest ingredients you actually need. Because a pretty #shelfie may sometimes just be that, pretty, but not really effective. Examine your bathroom closet today and see if what you have really delivers. And if it doesn't? Well, there's Skin, Inc.!


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