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How To Get Your Skin Party-Ready, According To A Skincare Brand Executive

We are in the midst of the busiest time of the year with holiday parties galore, reunions, and work in between it all. While indulging in food and drinks, as well as staying out late at night is perfectly acceptable this season, looking stressed out and haggard is not. We can't deny the fact that all this merriment takes a toll on our bodies, and the first telltale sign that we've been overdoing it is in our skin (no surprise here!) What's a woman to do then?

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Recently, we were lucky enough to chat with Pip Crichton, Peter Thomas Roth's Regional Brand Director, and asked her for her top tips for saving our skin and avoid wreaking havoc any further! Read on to find out how: 


Gold for skincare.

Ever tried investing in gold for your skin? We're literally talking about masks that have real gold in it to help fortify our skin and help keeping it looking A+! Pip says, “For this party season, what I can really suggest is the gold masking to get your face firmer, toned and beautiful. Plus, the gold eye patching and the lovely gold cream to give your face that illumination.” We're convinced that anything this precious can help us look refreshed after pulling an all-nighter!


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Hydrate your skin.

We've heard this countless times: drink water. We know there's way more to this than we know, and lately we've been learning that drinking not ony benefits our insides, it nourishes our outside appearance too! “The other thing about the party season is we tend to drink [alcohol] more than normal, we tend to stay out later, and that takes its toll on our body. We really need to hydrate this party season, and something that you can really use from Peter Thomas Roth is the Water Drench franchise. And Peter Thomas Roth being a clinical skincare brand really has a potent amount of active ingredients along with innovation—in this serum is 75% hyaluronic acid. I really encourage people to hydrate with serum in the party season, followed with a great moisturizer so that the makeup goes really well", shares Pip.


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Remove your makeup properly.

We know that having to remove every trace of makeup at the end of a tiring day can be a Herculean task, but we should also keep in mind that this golden rule can save us from breakouts and many other skin problems in the future. “The last thing you need do in the party season is to make sure you rinse the makeup. Really, don’t go to bed with makeup on. At Peter Thomas Roth, we have a really good cleanser with makeup remover built into it to make sure you remove your makeup really well. Always double cleanse, otherwise your skin becomes dull.” Listen up, kids!


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Lead photos via Peter Thomas Roth PH.