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This K-Beauty Brand's Cream Has Sold 1.5 Million Pieces WorldWide!

Find out what makes SkinRX Lab the new Korean beauty brand to try!

Filipinos are no strangers to K-beauty. In fact, being huge fans of South Korean culture, we continue to consume not just product of their entertainment and food industry—we've incorporated many Korean beauty brands into our own routines as well. The K-beauty market has definitely offered us endless options for beauty: from makeup, to skincare, to hi-tech tools—they simply have it all covered.

But while K-beauty introduced us to the wildly popular 12-step skincare routine, we've got to admit—sometimes, it's just hard to keep up, especially with our hectic schedules and tropical weather. Enter SkinRX Lab, a trusted Korean skincare brand that boasts of dermatologic-grade products that fit all skin types.

SkinRX Lab MadeCera Mild Whipped Cleanser

The brand has grown a loyal following in Korea, Thailand, and the US, and now it's here to help Filipinos achieve their best skin yet. With two decades of experience backed up by a team of expert dermatologists, SkinRX Lab offers products that are multi-functional and effective, and promises a no-frills routine while you're at it. Because honestly, who has time to go through elaborate regiments these days?

SkinRX Lab MadeCera Cream

SkinRX Lab carries a lot of lines, but their most popular line 'MadeCera' has been put on discerning beauty lovers' favorites list because of the MadeCera Cream, their most popular product with over 1.5 million sales globally. It’s a multi-function product that brightens, moisturizes and helps address aging. Price starts at P765 for the 15ml tube and P1845 for the 50ml tube.

Among SkinRX Lab's other initial offerings here in the country are the MadeCera Mild Whipped Cleanser, MadeCera Cream Infused Double Essence Toner, MadeCera Sleeping Mask, and MadeCera Sheet Masks. Do watch out for more releases in the coming months!

SkinRX Lab MadeCera Sheet Masks
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