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Summer Beauties: Here's What These 'It' Girls Look Like Without Makeup

We’re not here to judge. As they say, "you do you", and whether you want to step out fully made up, or bare it all, whatever you like to do, it’s all up to you. But these days, especially now that it’s officially summer, wearing no makeup at all seems like a thing that some of our favorite ‘It’ girls on Instagram are all about these days. From Liza Soberano to Kelsey Merritt, let these beauties inspire you to go bare! Your skin will thank you for it, too! Check them out:

Liza Soberano

This beaut needs no introduction. Always our natural beauty inspirations, we love how comfortable she is in her own skin, fully made up or not!


Elisse Joson


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No filter necessary! Elisse Joson can do no wrong when it comes to her Instagram photos, and here she is again showing off her fresh and pretty complexion in a candid no makeup snap. #goals!


Rachel Peters


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If you haven’t booked a summer getaway yet, this photo of Rachel will surely make you want to run to the nearest beach near you. This beach babe is serving us some serious beach envy with her photos in Siargao, but you’ve got to admit, that pretty makeup-less face is making us envious too!


Maggie Wilson


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In the unlikely event that you needed more proof that Maggie is utterly flawless, let us direct your attention to one of her many beach snaps. Positively radiant and glowing—this bombshell’s fresh-face look is TDF!


Kelsey Merritt


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Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous this fast-rising Fil-Am model is in this shot? This is pretty much all the proof we need that she doesn’t need a glam squad to stun in her selfies. 


Lead photos via @bryanvenanciophoto and @kelseymerritt