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Find Out Charo Santos-Concio's Secrets To Life And Beauty

For actress, host, and media executive Charo Santos-Concio, it’s all about balance, acceptance, and rewarding herself with a safe procedure that restores youthful looks naturally

Whether she’s telling a story as a critically acclaimed actress, producer of groundbreaking films and television shows, or narrator of the longest-running drama anthology on TV, Charo Santos-Concio does so with such refinement and ease, two qualities that come naturally to a woman with an appreciation for life.



“It’s about having a positive attitude, a happy and kind heart, and a desire to always look good,” explains Charo, host of ABS-CBN’s Maalaala Mo Kaya, of her serene disposition. “You have to love yourself. Take care of your body and mind. It shows in your eyes. You can’t fake it.”

For this media executive who is also a wife, mother, and grandmother, self-care is equal parts philosophical and pragmatic. While the former is all about remaining curious and trying new things (she dabbled in painting and overcame her fear of dogs by caring for the Maltese given to her by her granddaughter), the latter means going on long walks, eating fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water, sleeping eight hours a day, and looking after her skin. “My mother was my role model when I was growing up. She really took good care of her skin. She’s already in her 70s, ang ganda-ganda ng balat niya.”

“That’s why I tell my children, ‘You better take care of your skin. It makes you look good, fresh, and young!’” she exclaims. “Beauty is for everyone. It doesn’t matter what age you are. Hanggang sa kahuli-hulihang hininga dapat maganda ka.”

She’s living proof. At an unbelievable 63, Charo was one of the first in the country to undergo Ultherapy, a US FDA-cleared non-surgical procedure that employs ultrasound energy to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen, keeping skin lifted and tight. Since first trying it back in 2011, she has seen and enjoyed the effects of the treatment and has never failed to do it every year since then.



 “The immediate effect for me was the tightening and lifting of my skin,” says Charo, who gets hers done by dermatologist Aivee Aguilar Teo. “It contoured my face, refined my skin, and gave me cheekbones.” As someone who is always in front of the camera, knowing her best angle is important. That’s why the contoured face, defined jawline and cheekbones, and overall fresh glow that she gets from Ultherapy definitely help her always put her best and most beautiful face forward. 

“After all those years that I worked so hard, this is my reward for myself,” she says. For her, the treatment is an investment that she enjoys for the entire year. Similar to how people pay monthly installments in their amortization, she considers Ultherapy as “monthly investments” in herself that she pays (and enjoys!) for 12 months. “Ultherapy is my holy grail for a beauty procedure,” she declares.

Of course, even the most effective procedures can only do so much. The secret to real beauty, as Charo eventually discovered, is being at peace with life and who you are.

 “I don’t overanalyze things,” reflects the former ABS-CBN Corporation president and CEO, who spends her days with family and charities involving children. “My heart and mind are open to all opportunities that the universe offers me. I’m here to become a better person. I’m at the stage in my life when I’m not defined the standards that world has imposed. I love the person that I am.”



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