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The Techie Beauty: 5 Facial Gadgets You Have To Try Today

These days, it’s not just about beauty you can achieve or apply with your hands—it’s 2018, people.  New technologies have mushroomed over the last decade not just in the computing and communications industries, but in the beauty industry as well.  Years since the Clarisonic revolutionized the way many women cleanse worldwide, other brands and products—providing similar or different functions for your best face forward—have appeared on the market. Here are the ones on our radar:


1. Foreo UFO—A New Way To Experience Sheet Masks

About two weeks ago, Alodia Gosiengfiao labeled this beauty bit in a video as one of her new skincare secrets.  At first sight we thought it operated similarly to a Clarisonic—we were wrong, it isn’t for cleaning…the one for cleansing is the Foreo Luna, the UFO is for sheet mask application.

The difference when it comes to sheet-masking with the Foreo UFO is the mask isn’t on your face while it’s operating, it’s attached to the device before it works its magic. 



Together with an app you download on your smartphone, the Foreo UFO pairs up and provides a series of benefiting effects from sonic pulsing to blemish-battling blue light—that and a trio of shades to choose from; pink, mint, and fuschia. It’s a bit pricey at best, but so are most devices that do your skin good in more than one way.  It’s available for purchase via Sephora PH and if you’re interested in the Foreo Luna, that’s over here.




2. Panasonic Spa-Quality Nano-Ionic Facial Steamer—Get More Out of Your Skincare, Prep the Terrain

It’s a few notches more affordable than the acclaimed Dr. Dennis Gross steamer which is more expensive by almost USD $50.  The Panasonic Nano-Ionic steamer is named as such because of the nano-sized particle mist it releases.  One thing we like, in addition to its use, is its aesthetic appeal.  It’ll blend in nicely atop a bathroom counter or nearby coffee table.  



In a simple 6-minute steamy session with this device you can loosen dirt and makeup, open your pores, and give your face that detox it’s been begging for since you moved to the city for that new job.  Unlike other steamers that simply bring moisture to the immediate surface area of the face, the Panasonic’s nano-ionic technology helps bring moisture to a deeper level, beneath the surface.


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3. Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Pimples Mask Treatment—A Gentler Way To Attack Acne

For the acne-prone among you, we got pretty psyched when we spotted online celebrity UK facialist, Caroline Hirons wearing Neutrogena’s light therapy mask in her June 2017 Skincare Q&A Part 2 Video last year.  We’re not sure as to why that particular video seems to have gone down at the moment (her Part 1 is still up on her channel), but this anti-acne light therapy device got popular real quick. Reviews on it spread like wildfire and even Molly Sims vlogged about this. Light therapy is the new non-chemical way to battle zits.

How this works is through the use of different types of light which helps skin heal gradually on its own. Blue light attacks acne-causing bacteria and red light lessens inflammation. You’re expected to use the Light Therapy mask treatment (available here) after you cleanse once a day for 10 minutes daily.


They say that you shouldn’t use the device more than once a day, if you skip just get back to it right away and use daily after. One con though is the remote-like cartridge attached to the mask is only good for 30 treatments then you need to toss the cartridge and get a new one. Something less environmentally wasteful could have been conceived, or so we wish.


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4. Nu Face Trinity Facial Trainer/Wrinkle Reducing System—You’ve Seen Microcurrent Ab Trainers, This One’s For Your Face

This device might look a little on the dodgy end, but A-list facialist Abigail James admits the tingle or slightly prickly sensation that the Nu Face Trinity device delivers means it’s working just fine. She claims that sometimes she sees or feels a difference after she uses it before her makeup routine for a night out. Abigal has been using microcurrent on her clients as a treatment for many years. Safely regulated current tones the facial muscles and boosts cell energy. 



A certain topical gel that comes with it needs to be applied before use, the principle is similar to when gel is applied for ultrasounds on pregnant women.  The Nu Face Trinity device (available at this link) which is labeled as a Facial trainer/wrinkle reducer is FDA approved and made user-friendly for convenient home use.  We actually want one for us, and check it out, isn’t this cute—Nu Face has begun rolling out holiday gift sets!



5. ReVive Light Therapy Lip Care

At first glance, this ReVive Light Therapy lip gadget kind of borders on something you would dismiss on a home-shopping channel. There’s certainly got to be a reason why this non-invasive lip and mouth area rejuvenating device was featured on both InStyle and Vogue magazine. It sold out twice on the HSN network abroad and its results are still highly-acclaimed and talked about online. 



It works with a similar technology as that of the Neutrogena Anti-Acne Light Therapy mask, but for a different purpose.With 3 minutes of daily use ReVive Lip Therapy works to help slightly tone or plump lips and smooth away surrounding lines with Natural Light Energy at these levels; Amber, Red, Deep, and Infrared.One writer, Jennifer Hussein of SheFinds saw a difference after just one use…seen here, but results of course may vary per person.


Lead photos via Foreo. Body photos via Revive Light Therapy, @zuriihouseofbeauty, @currentbody_fr