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These Cover Girls Look Even More Beautiful Over Time

While it used to be believed that you’re “over the hill” once you hit 40, celebrities like Lucy Torres- Gomez, Charlene Gonzalez- Muhlach, and Dawn Zulueta are proof that you can look even more gorgeous through the years.


What are your thoughts on ageing and how do you deal with it?

I love it—and I’m enjoying it. When you’re young, you’re scared to really act. You think “Can I do this? Can I not do this?” When you age, you have this inner wisdom [and] confidence knowing that you can just really be you. You’re not afraid to make mistakes. It comes with experience—that’s what I enjoy about it. I’m not afraid to age; I embrace it. It’s gonna happen to everyone! It’s inevitable. I’m not afraid of it at all. 

Walk us through your self-care and self-love routines.

It’s really the way you take care of yourself. It’s the way you think, the way you protect your thoughts and really just facing each moment with happiness. My me-time is really exercising. I love to exercise; I love sports. I feel like that’s where I can find my inner peace. I play badminton and basketball, and I run. I just finished the London Marathon last April. There’s always some kind of sport that I’m doing. I love mornings. When I run for marathons, I wake up at 2 AM to train. When I’m not training, I sleep in. I also enjoy not having to wake up so early. 

Zara Blazer

How about your beauty routine? Do you have a strict skincare regimen? 

I don’t have a strict one. I just make sure that my face is always clean and well-moisturized. I don’t have skin regimens. 

What’s inside your makeup kit?

Kilay is life! Then, just a little blush, and light powder. Lipstick is not a priority for me. 

What would you tell your 30-year-old self about beauty? Is there anything you wish you did more? 

When you see yourself, you’d always think, “I wish I looked this way.” As I look back, I’m like, “I wasn’t that bad pala!” My younger self was just really trying and trying different things in life. I had to tell myself, “Just try. Bahala na!” 


What are your thoughts on ageing and how do you deal with it?

Some women actually look better when they turn 40 or 50 than when they were younger. I think because when you’re older, you have less hang ups. There are more important things, and you also become more accepting of all that you thought was flawed about yourself. You have a healthier body image, [and] you take better care of yourself so it’s not just superficial. You really are mindful about the choices you make because you just know that the battle is so much bigger out there and it’s not just about how you look. It’s about looking like the best version of yourself, obviously, whatever age you are. There are things that I wish I embraced when I was younger; I wish I was this health-conscious when I was in my 20s. 

Walk us through your self-care and self-love routines.

Me time is yoga and my books. I love doing things to make me happy. I’m also very careful with what I eat. Over the past five years, I’ve really been trying to transition. I value what I put in my body because more than anything that you can do aesthetically, more than putting on any cream, it’s the kind of food you eat, the kind of people you deal with physically and emotionally. It’s really the choices you make that show in the way you look, the way you think.

Yong Davalos Blazer; John Herrera Dress; Jul B. Dizon Earrings

What would you tell your 30-year-old self about beauty? is there anything you wish you did more? 

You can’t give from an empty cup. You constantly fill your days [as much as] you can with what empowers you and what makes you happy. So many times, women have a tendency to want to be a hero by glorifying being busy. I feel it’s very important to edit, and to avoid being a “Yes girl,” because that’s a source of stress, when you spread yourself too thinly. Do things that make you feel alive and engage in little activities... I also don’t believe in trying to fill your cup with just one vacation. Everything in balance. 

What’s inside your makeup kit?

I like makeup! But if you look at my makeup kit, it’s usually just lipstick. If I have an eyeshadow, it’s just browns. Ideally, you show more skin. I invest on skincare more because even if you buy the best makeup, if your skin is bad, it will show. It’s like buying designer clothes and not taking care of your body. 

DAWN ZULUETA, 50 y.o. 

What are your thoughts on ageing and how do you deal with it?

I do embrace it but I am not a complete martyr. I do try the latest that technology has to offer, save for any kind of invasive injections. Machines and lasers and even potions—the creams, whatever’s on the market—I try. 

Walk us through your self-care and self-love routines.

In the morning, it’s just fruit and coffee. I could probably go to the gym and play badminton. I practice self-love every day. I’m always either at the derma having something done with my face, like a facial, or I’m at Marie France for slimming treatments. After that, I come home, spend time with the children, look after them, and then maybe once a week I’ll have a massage at night. And I eat. I do not stop myself from eating what I want. I just really watch the portions. 

Tell us about your diet. 

At my age I’m supposed to watch it more. Lessen sugar, lessen salt, and all these things. I do. I’ve tried to stay off salt and sweets but occasionally I will give myself what I want. 

Andrea Tetangco White Top and Trousers; Jewelmer Earrings

What workouts do you like doing?

Twice or three times a week, I play badminton, a little bit of weights, and go to the gym. Ballet, if I can. And I do Pilates. 

How about your beauty routine?

I’m not very fortunate to have robust skin. I’m very sensitive. A little perfume in the product and I break out. So I’m really just down to soap—the mildest soap I can use. I keep it really simple. I make sure that at the end of the day I wash everything off really well, and that’s it. I also use eye cream while my derma gives me a night cream. And of course, sunscreen. 

What’s inside your makeup kit?

Cologne, oil blotters, ointment for the lips and lipstick—that’s it! 

What’s on your bedside table?

My phone, my medicine, my Bible, and rosary. 

What would you tell your 30-year-old self about beauty? Is there anything you wish you did more? 

I wish my 30-year-old self had taken better care of her skin because I did not. I had so much acne. I really should’ve sought out a better skincare routine when I was younger. Now there’s so much, there’s no excuse. 

Metro At 30: Charlene Gonzalez-Muhlach Talks About Self-Love, Aging, And Sending Her Kids Off To College


Metro At 30: Charlene Gonzalez-Muhlach Talks About Self-Love, Aging, And Sending Her Kids Off To College

Interviews by Sara de los Reyes, Renee Nuevo and Isabella Lichauco

Photography: Dookie Ducay

Makeup: Juan Sarte (Lucy), Ting Duque (Charlene and Dawn)

Hair: Anton Papa (Charlene), Jay Wee (Lucy), Jeff Aromin (Dawn)

Styling: Qurator Studio (Charlene and Lucy), Adrianne Concepcion (Dawn)

This article was originally published in Metro Magazine vol. 30 no. 3