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We Asked Drunk Elephant Founder Tiffany Masterson Our Burning Skincare Questions

The cult favorite brand's founder lets us in on her no-nonsense skin philosophy and how she maintains a healthy lifestyle

Just recently, cult-favorite skincare brand Drunk Elephant landed on our shores. Filipinos can now easily access these hardworking products without having to fly abroad or wait for long to be able to include these into their routines. Known for its stellar formulas rich in actives, and products that are free of what they call the "Suspicious 6"—Drunk Elephant aims to restore skin's vibrant health, with high performance products that simply work! 

Recently, we were given the privilege to talk to its founder Tiffany Masterson, to ask her about our burning questions, and some of her advice when it comes to taking care of our skin and wellbeing. Read on, and get ready to learn!

Tiffany Masterson, Drunk Elephant founder

Metro.Style: In your opinion, and based on your latest research, what are customers looking for in skincare and beauty products these days?

Tiffany Masterson: It’s incredibly important to be open and accessible, as well as, transparent with your consumer. To put the consumer first. To deliver the highest quality of ingredients, service, packaging, innovation and performance at all times. To be inclusive and to always continue to educate so that the customer gets the most out of the product. My approach to developing Drunk Elephant is to think about how I want the products I am putting on my own skin to be made. By doing this I stay true to our values and am never tempted to cut corners–I want the best for myself and our consumers. And, that’s why you’ll never find the suspicious six in any of our products. They’re not scary or dangerous ingredients. They're just triggers in skincare. We're buying skincare because we want good skin, and the suspicious six are ingredients that can prevent you from having good skin. It’s important to avoid these. I think skincare products should contain ingredients that are there to directly benefit the health of our skin. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Drunk Elephant

MS: Describe the personal wellness practices that complement your Drunk Elephant skincare routine. Do you have a go-to diet? Do you exercise a lot?

TM: I exercise often. I walk a long way and listen to podcasts or talk on conference calls. Other days I work out in my garage with weights, doing lunges, squats, rows, curls, etc. I avoid gluten and sugar as much as possible. I eat a lot of chicken, vegetables, brown rice, protein shakes, berries, melon, TONS of water, and TONS of bone broth. I never cleanse my skin more than once per day. We have a wonderful thing called an acid mantle that houses the microbiome on the surface of our skin. It keeps our skin healthy and balanced. It helps protect our skin from pollution and bacteria. It’s critical for the health of our skin so I don’t ever want to strip it or disturb it. Lastly, sleep is really important.

MS: A lot of people can't be bothered by tons of skincare products these days. What do you recommend to be the non-negotiables to have in one's kit?

TM: You don’t need a lot of products. To benefit from my philosophy of avoiding the Suspicious 6, you only need a few things. A cleanser, a moisturizer and of course a sunscreen will suffice. Less is always more in the beginning too, so you don’t overwhelm your skin and you can slowly introduce additional products at the pace best for your skin. 

Drunk Elephant Is Now In Manila. This Is Why It's A Big Deal!


Drunk Elephant Is Now In Manila. This Is Why It's A Big Deal!

MS: What skincare and beauty mistakes do you remember committing in the past? 

TM: I am a firm believer that cleansing in the morning, or even more than once a day, is a mistake for our skin and its acid mantle. Our acid mantle is the first line of defense and is critical to the health of our skin. Over cleansing and stripping the acid mantle is another way of disrupting the health and balance of the skin. 

MS: What is the best beauty advice you would give your 18-year-old self?

TM: Wear your sunscreen every day and avoid the suspicious 6 in your skincare routine.

Drunk Elephant is available online at and physically at LOOK At Me SM Aura Premier, SM Megamall, SM Makati, and LOOK At Me SM Mall of Asia locations in the Philippines.