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Top 3 Korean Beauty Trademarks

Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe it’s her beauty routine? We all love the flawless, radiant skin Korean women possess—their poreless, smooth complexions are nothing short of perfection. Since BB cream arrived in 2014, makeup lovers have grown obsessed with K-beauty. From their innovative products to unconventional techniques, and with a heavy focus on skincare and keeping the face look naturally flawless, K-beauty has set a whole new standard for beauty.


It’s all about youthfulness—or at least anything to capture that bright-eyed, fresh-faced vibe and applying it to your makeup routine. Want to get the basics of Korean beauty? Look no further!


Gradient lips.

A lot of Korean girls have been sporting the gradient or just-sucked-a-lollipop lip. There are several techniques to gradient your lips, but essentially you’ll need two shades—a nude lipstick and pink, orange or cherry lippie shade. 


First, nude out the outer rim of your lips. Then, using a lip tint or lipstick of your choice, dab a few spots of color on center of the lips. Then blend out using fingers or a brush.


Dewy skin

That elusive lit-from-within, dewy skin glow. Not only does it look feminine and natural, but plump hydrated skin is a marked sign of youth. And the good news here is, there are cool tricks you can use to amp up your glow. 


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Of course, mastering this trick requires a solid base, so foundation should be impeccable. This means you shouldn’t skimp on exfoliating, moisturizing, and drinking water.


Face Masks 

They come in a number of forms—sheets, creams, powders, gels, clay—and tackle every skin issue under the sun, from dry skin to dark spots to oily skin. No matter what problem you’re having, there’s a face mask out there to make it all better. Made with egg yolks, minerals, charcoal, and more, each of these purifying masks unclog pores to reveal the soft, fresh skin you forgot you had. 




This article was originally published as "3 Korean Beauty Tricks" by Red Dimaandal, on ABS-CBN News.