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The 5 Top Brands Of The 2017 Luxury Briefing Awards For Innovation In Beauty

Earlier this week, the annual Luxury Briefing Awards was held in the Langham Hotel, London, bringing together some of the biggest players in the luxury industries. As one of the most prestigious lifestyle journals in publication, the Luxury Briefing regularly canvasses industries for the biggest game-changers, and most coveted labels of the moment. Of the nine categories in deliberation, one of which is the award for ‘Innovation In Beauty’, an honor bestowed to cosmetics and skincare visionaries.


So who, and what is this year’s must-try beauty line? Check out the nominees, and the winner, in this list here.


WINNER:  Deciem


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Started in 2013, Deciem is an umbrella company with over 10 beauty brands under their portfolio. With product offers in makeup, body, hair, supplements and grooming, Deciem has molded its reputation as a hyper modern, results-driven disruptor in the beauty industry. The Ordinary is arguably their most popular line, which offers no-fuss, potent concoctions at drugstore prices.



Although Bamford in totality is a holistic lifestyle brand, encompassing products such as clothes, tea, home furnishings and even a spa, its skincare line is one of its most popular offers. With delicate, minimalist packaging, Bamford’s top selling products include the Cleansing Balm, lauded for being the best cleanser for dry skin, and the best cleanser for skin at 40+ years of age.




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Elemis prides itself with 25 years of marrying scientific exploration and the power of nature to deliver the ultimate skincare line. Selecting some of the most ‘powerful biological actives’, its ingredients range from popular herbal oils, to state-of-the-art extractions, and with each product said to undergo stringent consumer testing. Elemis’ Pro-Collagen products comprise the bulk of their bestsellers, with the award-winning Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra Rich as the ‘ultimate anti-aging cream’.  


Dr Sebagh


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Founded by the influential, French cosmetic doctor, Jean-Louis Sebagh, this namesake brand boasts a variety of anti-aging products, made by the top chemists of France. As the go-to cosmetic professional for socialites and celebrities, like Cindy Crawford and Elle McPherson, Jean-Louis specialized in anti-aging treatments focusing on the face and neck. He was also credited to be one of the earliest pioneers for the use botox, collagen and vitamin injections in the 90’s.

His brand’s Rose de Vie Serum is the latest award-winning hit, as Tatler Beauty Awards named it the ‘Best Serum’ of 2017.




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Amidst a slew of women’s lines that dominate the cosmetic industry, Hommage is a much needed representative for the men’s luxury grooming market. Shave sets made from calf leather, lacquer, and even carbon fiber, turn these grooming essentials into a statement piece; plus, a multi-step shaving and facial care regimen that’s top-of-the-line for any gentleman that’s serious about grooming A perfect gift for that leading man in your life!


Luxury Briefing Cover photo is taken from the Luxury Briefing Facebook Page.