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What On Earth Is Double Cleansing?

You may not know it, but every time you step out of the house, you make your face exposed to all the harmful elements out there—think car smoke, second hand smoke, dust, makeup and sunscreen build-up, and all other gunk you can think of! Now that’s a recipe for disaster on your skin. It’s one thing to be diligent about practicing proper makeup removal at the end of the day, but it’s another to level up that routine by adding an extra step before the actual cleanse. Here’s how it goes:


Step Zero:

According to Dermalogica, this step is essential before washing your face. It’s the part where you use a pre-cleanse oil or balm to help dissolve and strip your skin off all of the makeup, sunscreen, and pollution you’ve accumulated throughout the day.

Step 1:

This is the part where you go about the actual cleanse with your favorite facial wash or foam. Once step zero is over, your face is ready to actually be deep cleansed, thus removing all the residual impurities that may still be present.

Step 2 and 3:

After you’ve done your double cleanse, you can now go on with steps 2 and 3, wherein you tone, and finally moisturize your skin! Others opt to add a lot more steps, with serums, masks, and other dedicated products that target different skin concerns. Whatever it is, be sure to do steps 0 and 1 well!


Check this video out for how to do the double cleanse process right:






This feature originally appeared in Metro May 2018 and was repurposed for Metro.Style
Lead photo by Dookie Ducay
Special thanks to Aiem Ong of Dermalogica