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Woke On 3 Skin Sins: Sugar, Alcohol, And Salt—UK Facialist Caroline Hirons’ Stabs All For Our Skin’s Sake

We first spotted Caroline Hirons roughly over five years or so ago in a Body Talk interview focused on skincare with the Pixiwoo sisters.  She walks the Youtube Makeup gurus through her preferred skincare regime and enlightens them on what really works, what doesn’t, and what truly sucks.  In the interview, the two find themselves overwhelmingly infatuated with new skincare wisdom and utterly engrossed with Caroline’s take on cultivating a cleaner, more radiant face. 



As a licensed facialist who truly inspires confidence when it comes to skincare (having consulted for several brands on product development like Pixi Beauty’s Skin Treats) Caroline gained popularity online through her blog.  She’s interviewed skincare VIPs, professionals, dermatologists, and has personally worked with the best in the skin biz.



The UK beauty community never got more “woke” about skin maintenance ‘til Caroline generously provided the lowdown—everything from double-cleansing, cleansing balms vs. cleansing oils, the most effective serums, to gentle acid exfoliation capped off with her matter-of-fact expression “Bob’s your uncle”.  Her stand on foaming cleansers has always remained the same and she never hesitates to say why whenever she has to, “Stick to oils/balms. Help plump up your skin and help it retain moisture from your very first step. Using a foaming cleanser on a dry, parched, dehydrated skin is akin to skin torture and is a skincare crime of the highest order. Please bear that in mind whenever you see the term ‘recommended by’ or ‘approved by’ dermatologists. Derms don’t do that for free. Someone is getting paid.”



Annnnd we’re back... last night’s routine... @katesomervilleskincare Goat Milk Cleanser - I know I must be driving poor KS mad as this is long discontinued, but I will use this up until every last drop is gone.. @pixibeautyuk Rose Cream Cleanser - I owe you a review of this - my bad - suffice to say think of a non-glycolic-softer version of the Glow Mud Cleanser - wicked. Suitable for all faces. @joshrosebrook Hydrating Accelerator because I am breathing and HELLO...suitable for all. @chanelbeauty Blue Serum Eye which is light, hydrating and I will use until it’s gone rather than keep switching, which is a review in itself. Suitable for all. @indeedlabs Mineral Booster - I have used this daily for months and am still obsessed. I’m convinced it has strengthened my skin. Great for any skin that needs strengthening. @maulirituals Supreme Skin Face Serum is lush. Think of a lighter Vintner’s Daughter. Suitable for all skins but great for mature. @glowrecipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturiser. I bought this in @sephora because it smelled nice and didn’t have a load of filler ingredients. Superficial as I am. I like. Really light and wet, great for all skins. Particularly in the heat! #365inskincare

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Well-loved as the bearer of truly sound skin advice—having provided both brutal and glowing reviews of various skincare products as well as makeup—Caroline carved out a unique and highly-revered online role for herself over the last decade.



She makes all the biology and ingredients jargon is much easier for clueless muggles like the rest of us to swallow thanks to her real knack for real belly-laugh inducing honesty and professional skin counsel.  So, we conclude you’d really believe her if Caroline had once said there are three particular things we ingest mostly in excess that do not help improve our skin’s condition.  She notes on all three “Take all three together and you may look in the mirror with some concern. Fear not. It’s easily fixed.”


1. Alcohol

“There are no two ways about it, booze is dreadful for your skin. It dehydrates you to the point of raisin-like status and if you are slack in your product usage because of the effects of alcohol, it will only get worse.” Caroline does however mention the lesser evil of all alcoholic drinks with a medical reference to boot “An alcohol side-note – the ‘healthiest’ booze you can drink is a Pinot Noir red wine from the California regions. This is coming from the liver specialists at St Mary’s Hospital in London, not me.”




2. Salt

We all know how salt pulls moisture and triggers dehydration—it’s no secret.  Lessening (not eradicating) sodium in one’s diet is more likely to lessen puffiness In general.“Puffy/bloated and dehydrated? Those heavy dinners, gravy and crisps may have taken hold.” Caroline shares, “If you’re not particularly savoury inclined and your indulgences are of the sweeter nature…”




3. Sugar

“Sugar, oh, honey, honey…” isn’t as sweet in reality when you realize the cost.  If you’ve got an uncontrollable sweet-tooth you might as well say your skin prayers because to Caroline sugar is… “The Devil for your skin and your internal organs. That’s basically all. You may as well take a hammer and chisel to your collagen.”




According to an article published by The Huffington Post, the way sugar attacks collagen and elastin does not help in fighting the appearance of aging, “Simple carbohydrates, like refined sugar, white bread and soda, cause your insulin levels to spike, which leads to what Dr. Perricone describes as ‘a burst of inflammation throughout the body.’ Inflammation produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin, resulting in sagging skin and wrinkles.” 


Lead photo via Caroline’s YouTube channel, Thumbnail photos via Pexels