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You Won’t Believe How Simple Liza Soberano’s Skincare Routine Is

We all know how difficult it is to keep our skin clean, clear, and healthy. Most of us even spend hard-earned cash on expensive makeup and skincare products just to achieve flawless, glowing skin. Who can blame us? Proper skincare plays an important role to make our skin look effortlessly flawless even without makeup.

In the celebrity world, everyone would probably agree when we say that Liza Soberano arguably has one of the freshest and most gorgeous skin in show business today. So don't be surprised if we jumped on the chance to find out what her skincare routine is. And not to be doubted, Liza keeps hers refreshingly simple. Read on to find out more... 



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A few days ago, we spoke to Liza when she was launched as the newest face of the German personal care brand and one of our dressers' staples, Nivea. Here, she spills her best kept skincare secrets:


“My skincare routine is pretty basic. I remove my makeup then I just wash my face—easy as that!”

“I use the micellar cleanser (Nivea MicellAIR) to remove my makeup and then I like to wash my face with the whip foam (Nivea Pearl White Caring Whip Foam) just to make sure that I got rid of all the makeup and oil.” Liza explained.



That's not all—the actress also shared that, “Ever since I was young I was also very hygienic, I guess. I shower before I go to bed and I shower when I wake up. I was living then in America which is very different because the climate here is very humid. I really loved washing my face. I never really experienced a breakout because of that.”

Call it blessed with good genes, but we can't deny a powerful product that's simply effective. Bonus points if it doesn't break the bank either. What are your dresser staples?


Lead photos via Robbie Pinera