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Manage Your Contributions, Compute And File Your Taxes Using This One App

Freelancers, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), and self-employed individuals will be pleased to know that there’s now an app to manage and pay all your government contributions and taxes.



OFWs, self-employed individuals, and voluntary members know the hassle and stress of computing and filing their own contributions to Pag-ibig, Philhealth, and SSS. Taxes are also ever so hard to grasp and understand, with the variety of forms, computations, and payment channels to process your transactions.

Togetech, under Filipino IT Firm Nessotech, has created this nifty little app that will ease anyone’s life. The Moneygment app caters to self-supporting individuals who pay for their own contributions and taxes, and even homemakers who are paying for their kasambahay’s contributions.

The app centralizes all your Pag-ibig, Philhealth, and SSS contributions in one place so you can keep track of your contributions and loan payments. You can also create several accounts inside the app—one for yourself, your partner, one for your employed help—and keep track of all your payment histories.



For freelancers and small-scale businesses who have started setting up shop online or through various bazaars, you will also be pleased to know that you can calculate, pay, and file your taxes via the Moneygment app. When creating your profile, you can even choose your tax deduction scheme so you can keep track of itemized deductables if you’re looking for that route. List all your income and expenses and see your tax computations in a calendar—it’s very easy and intuitive to use. No more jotting down on ledgers and losing track of your income and receipts. 



Ma. Jessica Palmiano, President and CEO of Togetech, says Moneygment is not just about the convenience of paying your obligations. It’s also about ‘future-proofing.’

“Future-proofing means being responsible citizens through filing and paying taxes, ensuring savings and insurance coverage through utilizing government initiatives provided by SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig. We are all focused on the now, yet we may lose sight of what we need to prepare for the future so we give you Moneygment to help you secure that future. The future does not only refer to when you are 60 years old and above. This is as simple as ensuring you have medical funds when you get sick, claiming for calamity loans when calamities happen, applying to own your home or looking for a funding source for your desired trip to another country. Future-proofing is also helping you achieve financial confidence by being able to provide financial tax returns even if you are operating a micro-enterprise enabling you to secure financial assistance in growing your business,” she says.

Right now, Moneygment is already downloadable on Android devices via the Play Store. An iOS version of the app is already in development. The current version of the app already lets you pay and keep track of your contributions and taxes, but the team is already working towards developing the upcoming features of the app, which includes paying your bills and utilities, applying and paying for a loan or insurance, and even sending money.