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5 Ways To Make Work-Life Balance Actually Work For You

If you’re a struggling millennial in the crazy world of adulting, here are survival tips to follow!

The shift from college life to the “real world” is a crazy road to self-discovery. All of a sudden, responsibilities start pouring and your once-hectic schedule becomes even more hectic, if that’s even fair. On top of it all, you have to stay sane and keep your head above waterand you’ll realize that those 24 hours in a day, juggling your day job with meeting friends and spending time with family and making time for your hobbies, aren’t enough. But that’s all we’ve got, and we have to work on it somehow, trying our best to pull through, one busy day to the next.

That’s the thing about adultingyou have to make it work. You’re young, but we’re not getting any younger, and being in control of our life is the best weapon we  have to survive this transition phase. With the right mindset and inspired life perspectives, breezing through life is bearable, and yesmanageable.

Work-life balance is important, so we’ve created a nifty guide if you’re lost and clueless on where to start. Every day is a good day to start getting your life togetherconsider this list your Adulting 101 pack. And there are only five steps! 

Start your day right.

1. Start your day right.

Have you experienced waking up on the wrong side of the bed, a sort of a premonition to the day that’s about to unfold? Sure, you've had those morningsbut you can easily switch your mindset by beginning it the right way. Take time to nourish your mind, body, and soul first thing out of bedfix your bed, work out for half an hour, eat a hearty breakfast, take your time in the shower. Do things that will make you feel good and the rest will follow through.

Track your errands.

2. Track your errands.

Your daily to-dos may seem daunting and endless, but not if you know how to prioritize. Remember, "important" is different from "urgent." Classify tasks that should get done asap, and ones that you can work on for later. It’s more efficient this way, leading to less procrastination, and more things on your checklist done and completed.


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Maintain a steady connection with your support group.

3. Maintain a steady connection with your support group.

There’s no better way to keep your feet grounded than regular interaction from the closest people in your life. You shouldn’t let your job hold you upyou have to live your life outside the (dis)comfort of your desk or cubicle. Keep family and friends’ numbers handy for a quick call or chat when the going gets rough, or schedule a coffee date or dinner regularly. You deserve that company.

Hop on a trip!

4. Hop on a trip!

Clear your head and take on a journey far from the city! Make use of those leave creditsbook that flight to the country of your dreams or drive five hours to your favorite surf town. Go unwind and recharge your batteries, for living your best life is how you should be spending your youthful years on!


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Be money-wise.

5. Be money-wise.

It’s gratifying when you have one less worry for your futureincluding money matters. Stability is one of the major issues of young professionals, and with the fast-paced, YOLO kind of lifestyle we all lead, being wise about your expenses is a worthwhile cause. It’s all about strategic financial planningyou keep your savings intact, all with the peace of mind that you can afford the best things the world has to offer. 

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