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10 Jobs That Will Land You A Working Visa (Or Maybe a Permanent One!) In The UK

If given the chance, many Filipinos will choose to work abroad for better salary and career opportunities. While many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) have already made it to various Middle Eastern countries, and first-world countries like Australia, U.S., and Canada, there is one area where prospects are looking good in 2018: United Kingdom.

The impending Brexit has had many effects in UK as they get closer to their “due date” in 2019. And one of the many effects of Brexit are employment layoffs and opportunities. According to research from recruiter company Hays, 71 percent of the companies in UK are hiring big in 2018—and these companies are mostly looking for people with technology, finance, and construction expertise.

According to Hays’s Managing Director in the UK and Ireland Nigel Heap, “We’re seeing continued investment in these areas across the UK. High on employers’ wish lists is candidates with experience in these areas, a willingness to work had, and the ability to get some great results.”

“If you’re looking for a new challenge in 2018, now is a crucial time to evaluate where you want to take your career, reflect on how your skills could benefit an employer, and find out where your next role could be,” he added.

So if you’re looking to land a job in UK, here are the top 10 jobs that European companies will be opening positions for:

  1. IT security architects
  2. Data analysts
  3. Risk analysts
  4. Part-qualified accountants
  5. Civil engineers
  6. Payroll team leaders
  7. Java developers
  8. Safety case engineers
  9. Building surveyors
  10. Project managers