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Stuck In Manila Traffic? Here Are 3 Ways To De-stress While On The Road

It’s no secret that getting around the metro has become a test of patience. From taking on the load of a full nine hours (or more) at work, to taking on the stress of the long crazy drive home—these can really put pressure on one’s health.

But as they say, “if you can’t change the situation, you can change your attitude.” Metro Manila traffic may seem like a hopeless case, but you can turn this “problem/challenge” into an opportunity by using the time on the road to make yourself better.



Here’s how.

1. For many, driving can also be therapeutic. Use the long quiet minutes – or hours – inside the car to help you reflect on the events of the day, detach and recalibrate. This is so that once you’re home, you’re free to truly enjoy the moment with family and loved ones.


On the other hand, on your drive to work, you can use the time for introspection and to ease yourself into a more productive mindset so that once you reach the office, you’re ready for the day ahead.

A quick way to de-stress and decompress is to practice deep breathing. This simple exercise is effective in calming your mind and spirit.


2. To boost your energy, power up by blasting your favorite music inside the car. To further get you pumped up, sing your heart out!


According to studies, singing can help reduce anxiety and stress as it releases feel-good brain chemicals called endorphins. Plus, it also draws more oxygen into the blood.


3. It’s no secret that the heat and pollution you come across while commuting has an adverse effect on your overall well-being, so driving becomes a better option as it protects you from the smog and other commuting-related stress, helping you to stay healthier and happier.


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