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5 Productivity tips that will get you through a busy day

You know those days when there's just too much to do? Don't fear the frenetic pace! We're here to help you make your every day a breeze:

1. Use productivity tools, aka an online To-Do List. Set achievable goals for each day and arrange your list in order of importance — placing the thing you like to do least done first. This way, you’ll be encouraged to get it done faster so that you can get to the “easier” tasks next.

2. Schedule in short breaks. Get up and move around (and grab coffee while you’re at it)! Sometimes, when you work on a project for too long, you tend to lose focus and become bored. It sounds counterintuitive, but after a brief break, picking up where you left off forces you to take a few seconds to think about what your tasks are.

3. Block out distractions. Stop trying to multitask! And yes, that includes talking to your colleagues and Pinterest. When you do so many things at the same time, it may seem like you're getting more done when, in fact, everything ultimately takes longer to finish.

4. Start your day early. Try to come in an hour or two before regular work hours. This gives you uninterrupted time to start on whatever needs to be done minus the noise.

5. Know what works for you. Sure, there may be a lot of time-management hacks for working better, but not all are effective for everybody. The best trick is figuring out which productivity strategy fits your working style. Try one method at a time and compare it to what you’re doing. If you think it reasonably works for you, then do it!

This article was originally published in Working Mom. Changes have been made for Metro.Style.