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9 Ideas for Your Home Office—From Simple to Elaborate

Work-life balance is an oft-used term that separates those two aspects. That concept is great and all, but no matter how some try to untether themselves from the work mode mindset wired in their system, work finds ways to blur that line. 

A work-from-home setup, however, is close to many distractions. It's important to thoughtfully consider the layout, the look, and the mood of the room or nook you are assigning as your work space, and have those elements complement your work requirements.  

You would need a space that easily puts you in the mood for working, and at the same time a place cozy enough for you to take a quick break in at the middle of the day.

Take your design cues from these home offices that are perfect for when you need to zone out and focus on the job at hand.

1. Encourage collaboration within the family with a shared work space. Give it a youthful spin with bright-colored chairs and a blackboard wall for all your to-do list and work reminders.


2. Style a corner in your bedroom with a fancy table decorated with a lamp and some trinkets. To achieve this luxe effect, key elements to go with are pieces with reflective surfaces and leather.  


3. For small spaces, use pieces of furniture that maximize space, like this table that makes use of the vertical space with storage solutions. A task lighting on the table serves both deocrative and functional purposes.


4. For basic work to-dos, this clutter-free nook by the bedroom entrance looks cool and comfy. Bathed in natural light, the space easily sets the tone for working. 


5. Design your home office at a location with a view. The garden scenery and the natural light that comes through the floor-to-ceiling windows can refresh one's mind and inspire creativity and productivity.


6. Create a visually interesting space by setting your work table against a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, which also makes book references handy. Mix business with pleasure in this room by incorporating a game table. 


7. This library or study area can also function as a home office. By forgoing the use of a desktop as a fixture, this area becomes a versatile space free of work-related clutter that can be put away in a jiffy and stored neatly in the cabinets and shelves.  


8. Make the most out of a small corner by furnishing it with a work desk, an art deco-esque secretary desk that features a storage space in this example. Match it with a statement chair, and you've got a vignette that is stylish and highly functional at the same time.  


9. For condos or apartments in high-rise buildings, draw inspiration from the breathtaking view of the cityscape by styling your desk facing the windows.  


Photographs courtesy of Metro Home & Entertaining