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A Valentine’s Day Gift For Your Partner Based On Their Love Language

Filipinos are big on Valentine’s Day (okay, well, maybe we love everything holiday!) and so much more on spending. With the pressures of going out and buying gifts even higher, thanks to social media, how can couples resist? In fact, according to the “Mastercard Love Index” last year—which is actually just a Consumer Purchasing Priorities Survey created by the payment processor—they found that the Philippines is the third country in the whole Asia Pacific with citizens that are most likely to buy a Valentine’s day gift for their special someone.

According to the survey, 63 percent of Filipinos will spend on a Valentine’s Day gift—most will buy flowers at 36 percent, clothes and jewelry both at 18 percent, and chocolate or gadgets at 12 percent.

But flowers don’t come cheap nowadays. A bouquet of beautiful red roses will set you back at least P1,500 pesos and buying on or before Valentine’s Day is quite the rip-off since prices are higher than usual. So why bother? Flowers and chocolates are so overrate and overused anyway! Why not do something that’s tailored fit to what your partner’s likes and needs than spending on a no-brainer gift?

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, author and marriage expert, there are 5 Love Languages. Each person has a love language profile that will explain your emotional communication preference and how you can use it to connect to your partner: are you a touchy sort of person, someone who cares for words, someone who prefers to be surprised? And getting or making the perfect gift for your partner ultimately depends on how both of you communicate emotionally.

Below, we have a list of suggestions of what is the perfect gift for your partner based on his or her love language. So before that, both of you should take this Love Language Quiz by Gary Chapman to determine your Love Language profile.


Acts of Service

If your partner’s primary love language is Acts of Service, it means they appreciates it most when you put your efforts to ease the burden of their responsibilities. Doing their work or even the most mundane chores for them—washing the dishes, cooking, carrying their bags—it works wonders on them.

If your loved one is this kind of partner, then they will most appreciate it if you show your love with your efforts. For older married couples, show your love by doing their part of the chores for the week like doing the laundry, cooking dinner, or fixing the bed. You can even go all-out by waking up earlier than them and surprising them with a breakfast in bed.

For younger couples, why not make an action-inspired coupon book filled with stuff your partner can redeem? It’s basically a bunch of personalized coupons that contains stuff you’ll do for your partner such as one free home-cooked meal, a free laundry day pass, two hours of Netflix binge while you clean what needs to be cleaned—it’s very personal, very easy, and they’d appreciate it the most.


Physical Touch

Physical touch often fosters a sense of security in any relationship and if your partner’s primary love language is physical touch, they are the type of people who enjoy hugs, holding hands, kisses on the forehead, that sort of stuff.

For those falling in this category, make them feel extra special on Valentine’s Day by giving them a free one-hour massage. Instead of getting it at the spa down the road, why not make it personal and sweet by doing it yourself? Research. Watch massage tutorials on Youtube. Buy some oils or room scent and set-up your bedroom like a spa. Put on some music and maybe scatter rose petals on the bed for an extra touch. There’s nothing more relaxing and sensual than a specialized massage—and you’ll surprise them that you’re so good at it, too!

Quality Time

There’s nothing more appreciated by a Quality Time person than their partner’s full, undivided attention. If you’ve been with your partner for a long time now, especially for married couples, you’ll notice that there will be moments that even though you’re together, both of you are preoccupied with your own cellphones. This Valentine’s Day, why not give your partner your whole attention?

Set up a board game night and turn off your cellphones for the duration of your date. Our suggestions for nice games for two are Bananagrams, And then we held hands (yes, that’s the name of the game), Twilight Struggle, OK Play, or a round of good ‘ol Scrabble. Make interesting punishments and rewards to make your gameplay more fun like dance to a silly song and eat a spoonful of mustard for the loser or a free fart or burp pass and a paper crown for the winner.


Words of Affirmation

Some people just need to hear things constantly—and that’s not such a bad thing. That means they give value to what you say and they want your promises not just to be words but vows.

If you’re partner’s primary love language is this, why not make Valentine’s Day so much more special for them by writing the reasons why you love them on post-its and sticking them all over the house? If you’re a decent writer or singer, you can also compose a romantic song or poem and surprise them by singing or reading it to them.


Receiving Gifts

Those who love receiving gifts do not necessarily mean that they are materialistic. Many just appreciate the effort and sincerity that comes with the gift and the thought that they are valued above whatever was sacrificed to acquire the gift. Giving gifts to a person whose love language is this can be quite tricky because they pay attention to what is given to them. You can’t just go with a hasty bouquet or a universal gift like a perfume or a box of chocolates.

To make your Valentine’s Day more special, why not give a gift that’s personalized and filled with effort? Instead of just giving them pillows, why not get a pillow with a case that’s embroidered with your initials? Instead of getting them jewelry, why not buy polymer clay and some beads and make a pair of earrings yourself? Instead of getting them an expensive tie or expensive dress, get something that you can wear together as a pair like a checkered skirt and checkered tie, matching-print socks, or matching-color shoes—something that says you’re not ashamed to dress like each other and that you’ve put effort into looking for stuff that matches.