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Three Apps For A Hassle-Free Life: Swipe To File Taxes, See A Doctor, And Buy Groceries

Who still wants to go out of their house nowadays? With the heavy rain pouring and the traffic and commute more intense than ever, we’d probably just stay at home if we can.

Thanks to the many technological advancements in this day and age, we can finally get (almost) everything online. From paying your government dues and contributions to talking to a real doctor, these apps will make your life so much easier—without having to move an inch from your couch.


Swipe to see a doctor

Ever need to consult with your doctor but too sick to go outside? You can dispense with the incessant googling of your symptoms, leading you to obscure diseases and illnesses on WebMD by using this nifty new app by PhilCare instead.

HeyPhil with Digimed is a new app for PhilCare members with Android and Apple devices, and lets you consult with a real doctor or even pre-book for a hospitalization.

According to PhilCare’s VP for Information Technology Group James Indino, the new Digimed feature lets you have an instant consultation with one of their 30 vetted doctors who are available to chat from 6 a.m. to 12 midnight. If you need a new prescription, you can also get a prescription through the mobile app. All transactions and consultations are recorded so you can go back to your previous chats and requests.

With the app, you can also skip the line when you need to book for hospitalization. No more waiting in lines to fill out forms since you can secure and fill-out pre-confinement documents from the app itself.


Swipe to pay your bills, contributions, and taxes

Heads up, freelancers! Can you recall all the long lines you have waited in when you need to pay for your voluntary SSS, Pagibig, and Philhealth contributions, on top of the now quarterly tax payments that you have to settle? Well, you can store all of that at the back of your head with this new app Moneygment.

We have previously talked about Moneygment in March, but the app has now been updated to include payment of taxes, contributions, and even your home bills.

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This means that with a few clicks, from the comfort of your homes, you can use the Moneygment app to take care of all your payables for the month. No more separate apps for separate transactions: they’re all here in one place.

Currently, Moneygment allows you to track and pay your Pagibig, SSS, and PhilHealth contributions, including calculating, paying, and filing your taxes. You can also pay your utilities from your cable TV to credit cards, and even your NBI and NSO requests via the app.

Ma. Jessica Palmiano, President and CEO of Moneygment’s parent company Togetech, says, “Future-proofing means being responsible citizens through filing and paying taxes, ensuring savings and insurance coverage through utilizing government initiatives provided by SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig. We are all focused on the now, yet we may lose sight of what we need to prepare for the future so we give you Moneygment to help you secure that future.”


Swipe to do your chores

You already have a shopping list and you’re too tired to drop by the supermarket and line up the cashier for this week’s grocery. Or you’re too sick to get up and buy your meds from the drugstore. Or you’re just too lazy to drive down to the neighborhood laundromat. So why not let Honestbee do all the work for you?

With a minimal concierge charge, you can order via Honestbee stuff you need for your house—including groceries from their partner supermarkets, food from their partner stores, items from their specialty stores like makeup and pet supplies, and even wine and flowers if you’re preparing to surprise your partner. Basically, it’s the one-stop shop for everything you need to buy. You can even ask them to bring and pick up your laundry for you.

Afraid you’ll miss out from discounts at the grocery? Don’t worry because they’ve even got the sale items covered.

Interested? First-time Honestbee users can get up to P500 off on their first order, too!