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Audit Yourself: Making Sunday Less Stressful And Monday More Productive

Have you ever just sat down, did nothing, and let your mind flow freely?

Free-flowing thoughts scare most people. It’s that moment when all the scary stuff crawls into your train of thought, you start thinking of everything you’ve done up to this point, and the unsure future that lies ahead.

But while this has become labelled as “overthinking” by many, it’s not actually a very bad idea. In fact, many people find the merit in reflecting on their previous actions and taking the time to plan their next.


The problem: you’re stuck.

We all have goals and there are many times when we find ourselves in a point where we’re not progressing towards our goal anymore. Whether it’s saving up, getting that new career started, or launching a new business, there’s always that point when you find yourself stuck and unable to move forward.

You envision the future. You make a vision board of that new car or new house or new business. You convince yourself you’re going to get it. You claim it. But then you look at what you have and you realize, you’re nowhere closer to your goal than you were last year. Or the year before that.


The solution: check yourself.

Sit down and reflect on what isn’t working instead of just fixating yourself on that future you’re trying to achieve.

If you’re working for a company, you’ll always find your team creating an evaluation of your performance from the past week, month, or even year. This can be translated into your personal life as well, no matter how scary it is. Evaluate what you’ve been doing in the past days and see if anything you did contributed to advancing towards your goal.


The game plan: 15 minutes of reflection.

Every Sunday, stop and sit down. Get our vision board, get a pen and paper, grab a coffee, and just reflect. Look at the past week and evaluate what you did. Evaluate every hour of your past week.

Evaluate your productivity. What aspects have you been most productive in? What things did you accomplish and how long did you allot to do it? Will there be anything you can improve to completing a task more efficiently and quickly?

Check for bad habits. Are there any lifestyle choices that you have to change? Do you feel you need to cut down on the time you spend drinking and the amount of alcohol you need to intake? Do you feel that you’re spending too much time scrolling through your social media news feed without really gaining any kind of news or new knowledge? Do you feel like you wasted a lot of time at the office chatting up with your colleague instead of focusing on the task at hand?

Examine everything. Admit where you’ve gone wrong. And then plan in detail how are you going to spend the next week to improve yourself and get the ball rolling. In the process of looking at the small things you could’ve done in the past week, you might find some little windows of opportunities you might have missed to working towards your goal.


So instead of just berating yourself to push forward without any idea on how to do so, take what you’ve done well and not-so-well from last week, and then use that to address your weaknesses and take advantage of your strengths. Never be afraid to bare yourself to yourself. Never be afraid to admit you were lacking. Never be afraid to say that you’re stuck. Own it and then that’s the time you can really move forward.

So spend your Sunday for yourself. Grab a nice lunch, your favorite cup of caffeine, read a book, and then reflect. And then when Monday comes, you know you’re sure of yourself and you’re more than ready to take on the world.


Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash