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Blog Branding Gurus To Follow Now

Blogs “live” in the online world, defined by what they feature and what the blogger believes in. The cardinal rule when it comes to blogging is to really write about what you love and what you are passionate about. Here are some established bloggers who stamped their own “brand” into their blogs:



Acie Fores ( is a makeup artist by profession who decided to include blogging as an outlet for her to share her makeup discoveries, feature quick makeup tutorials, and document her client work.


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Patty Laurel ( has been making a living from her blog for some years now, even before she became a mom. As an event host, product endorser and avid traveler, Patty's out-and-about lifestyle makes her a credible source for the latest happenings and trends in the Philippines. At the same time, she is genuine and authentic about the brands and products she writes about. 


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Amanda Griffin-Jacob ( began her blog as a “social boutique” for moms who want to find resources on parenting, style and the home. It eventually evolved into a more personal platform where she could share about her natural, eco-friendly lifestyle, and her parenting journey.


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Marilen Montenegro ( began her interior design blog to inspire and inform readers about design trends. She is a trained interior stylist, and uses her blog posts to showcase her design work and projects, her style inspirations, with a bit of her family experiences weaved in, still with a focus on “inspired home living.”



Nicole Ortega ( was already selling her homemade gourmet food products from her home kitchen when she thought to start a blog that would be an extension of her love for food, as well as home, travel and lifestyle.


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This article is an excerpt from an original feature called “Blog It!” by Martine Pascual in Working Mom magazine.