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Career Predictions For 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

As they say, “New year, new life.” If you’ve been wanting to change something in your career and in the way you handle your finances for the longest time, maybe 2018 is the year you finally get up and put some work into it. If you’re unsure how to make your first step, make the coming year your best motivation and let these career and money predictions from psychic medium and expert, Amira Celon give you your much-needed push.

Amira Celon has been providing guidance and consultations to people all over the world for 20 years now, and has received the People’s Choice for Best International Psychic awards consecutively from 2013 to 2016. Celon shares on her website that 2018 will be a more positive and productive year for most zodiac signs as the planet Jupiter moves into the sign of Scorpio, out of the challenging aspects of Pluto and Uranus.


Lucky number: 8

If you’ve been wanting to transform your life, you can finally pull this off this year by doing some radical transformations to your body or physical appearance, or getting some external help from your clients, business partners, or spouse. It is possible you will encounter some good fortune with your clients or even receive a large tax rebate or dividend at a most surprising time.

“Overall, this is a great year for money and well-being with the assistance of others,” Celon wrote.

Lucky number: 7

There will be more opportunities for partnerships and relationships that will open to you this coming 2018. Take advantage of this positivity and welcome the new people in your life. They may be the ideal business partner or clients you have long been waiting for.

“Money will be abundant through partnerships. Overall, you will have luck through serious partnerships,” Celon wrote.


Lucky number: 6

There will be good work opportunities for you this year and you will have luck in finding the right job—or even more than one job. You may juggle a few different jobs if you take the effort to be more organized and wise in using your time. You will be very busy with work and could be offered a better position by your company or another if you keep up your good work ethic.

“Something to watch out for is jealousy with co-workers and be careful before signing any contracts,” Celon warned. “There can be hidden competition that you will become aware of. You will have more responsibility in work and more opportunities for your career and money.”


Lucky number: 6

Focus on what you really love this year and this could just bring about the much-needed change you’ve been looking for. If you pursue your creative talents and focus on your passion, you may even be able to launch a new business around it. Launching a new hobby business this year could reap you money and rewards.

For those already in the performance arts, Celon said, “You will have more luck getting artistic jobs or bookings or finding the best agent to represent you. Your creative talents will shine and with that you will have more followers and success."


Lucky number: 4

If you haven’t settled on a career just yet, you might try switching to real estate, properties, or caring for someone who needs nurturing. You may be working with families and gardens, antiques and collectibles, and automobiles. These work opportunities will open you to gaining more money.

Celon wrote that Leo people will “have a stronger sense of self and a clearer plan for your future” this year.


Lucky number: 3

Virgos will be very active in their career and social circles this year as 2018 brings in tons of documents, new skills, communications, travels, business contacts, and marketing activities. You will be traveling a lot for work and you can take advantage of social media to get more agreements and contracts. Whatever seeds you plant this year will keep paying off for the next 12 years.

If you’ve been eyeing migration for some time now, this year is the best time to file for a residency application.

Those working in the fields of PR, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Education, or Training, this year will see momentum in reaching a wider audience. You may receive a lot of offers via mail, e-mail, or phone.

Celon added, “You may have to write more whether it is for study, work, or your business. Any forms of writing and publications will pay off this year.”


Lucky number: 2

This year will be a very rewarding and successful financial year for you and according to Celon, it will highlight money, resources, investments, finances, possessions, and self-worth.

In terms of finances, your partner may help relieve you of heavy responsibilities. You may also come to more money through work resources, especially if you’re renting a space in your home. A work promotion or pay-rise is also in your horizon.

“Things to watch out for is to use your wisdom and the lessons you have learnt to make wise decisions and investments. This is a time to break out of old patterns and make better and wiser decisions,” Celon warned. “This is why if you start a new business, you may see your business reap lucrative rewards by the end of 2018. Be careful, however, on how you spend. Don’t spend on things that are not important.


Lucky number: 1

With Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio for most of 2018, you are looking at an abundance of luck and positivity. Big transformations in the way of a new career or job is waiting for you this year and you will have many opportunities to gain more wealth and money through a creative project you have been itching to start and finish.

Celon wrote, “This year highlights opportunities for more abundance, study, travel, growth, and happiness. You will have more self-confidence and feeling of self-worth.”


Lucky number: 12

Creativity takes center stage for those under the sign of Sagittarius this year. There is luck awaiting those who go on overseas travels and build connections with foreign people and cultures. Celon noted that those who are pursuing the fields of fashion, film, and music will get the best ideas this year that will be put into action.

It is a very spiritual year for Sagittarius, and will be a great year to rejuvenate and rest.


Lucky number: 11

2018 will be the best time to start networking and socializing and being involved in these groups will help you become more financially and professionally successful. You will use your new-found connections by connecting two very powerful and influential individuals and you will be rewarded from this.

Those working in IT or television are bound to become very successful this year and may even be head-hunted for a new position.

According to Celon, “Your goals will be realized and give you many rewards both financially and personally. A very lucky year to make the most of your connections. [But] be careful not to get involved with the wrong people or people with a corrupt past as they could pull you down.”


Lucky number: 10

Many people under this sign may get a promotion or pay rise. You may even go on a career ladder move and become a leader where you will be asked to speak in public. But this new reputation will be the perfect avenue to give you the platform to shine and show your talents. You will have more responsibility as you go up the ladder and your friends will look up to you for advice.

But as more people look up to you this year, be sure to value a relationship with a boss or a father figure. They can become a helpful mentor and aid you solidify your reputation even further.

“This year highlights Social prestige, reputation, career, institutions, and structure. Overall, this is the year to push your power and go to the highest level possible,” Celon wrote.


Lucky number: 9

“This year highlights foreign travel, higher education, higher knowledge, luck and positivity, new horizons, new teachers, and inspirational figures in life,” Celon said. “This is a super lucky year where you need to follow your intuition and clear thinking to guide you to open the right doors.”

This means that this is the perfect time to learn new skills from self-taught ways or a mentor. Take advantage of this year to take higher education or travel to foreign countries as this will get you to more opportunities. Foreign travel will also be perfect because you will find it easier to learn a new language or get approval for your visa application this year.