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Convince Your Boss To Redesign Like 9 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Office Spaces

These days, it's not enough to have a calming color palette and natural lighting to liven up your workspace (you know, the desk or room that you spend more time in than your bedroom). Now, prettifying your office like it's a swanky five-star destination or an ultra-modern playground for grown ups is the way to go if employees are to be productive and proud of where they work. 

In fact, studies have found that creatively designed workspaces can foster innovative ideas, improve problem-solving skills, encourage critical thinking, and even positively impact absenteeism and tardiness. Use this information to convince your boss that a design overhaul isn't an expense, but an investment! 

From having unusual architecture to breathtaking vistas, here are nine offices from all over the world that can inspire you — and your boss — to turn your professional space into a work of art! 


TBWA/Hakuhodo offices, Japan

Tokyo's home to many of the world's most modern buildings and workspaces. But the TBWA/Hakuhodo advertising offices in particular are different because of how their decor has infused the outdoors, indoors. As a contrast to many of Tokyo's steel and chrome design inspirations, this office's main points of interest are its indoor lawns that employees can choose to work on rather than their desks, an assortment of indoor plants to freshen up the air, and multi-tier shared spaces to get their creative juices flowing. 



Inventionland Design Factory, USA 

Don't expect to see usual taupe walls when you visit a company whose reason for existence is turning unique ideas into tangible products. Pittsburgh's Inventionland Design Factory boasts of interiors that are most likely a product of someone's wild imagination. The result? An office that feels and looks more like an indoor amusement park that inspires employees that nothing is impossible. 



Selgas Cano Architecture Office, Spain

This beautiful architecture office in Spain is an ode to the profession. Part workspace and part nature-watching center, Selgas Cano Architecture has taken the concept of green spaces to a whole new level. Employees here take adventure of a calming atmosphere, fresh air, natural lighting, and of course, inspiration from nature for their sketches and renders. 



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Pallotta Teamworks, USA

 A company that was established to get professionals, young adults, kids, families, and groups of friends to actively participate in charitable causes deserves the best office space in the world! Once located in a disadvantage community in Los Angeles, Pallotta Teamworks has now moved into a repurposed industrial warehouse. It's cool and modern and definitely a great venue for employees to cook up their next big project for fostering social responsibility. 



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Nokia, Finland

The multinational communications, information technology, and consumer electronics company has lots of offices stationed around the globe, but their main headquarters in Finland is all about getting employees to talk and share their ideas in a non-intimidating setting. Meetings are held in the same way Nokia users would pretty much interact with their friends and family on a daily basis. Essentially, the office lets Nokia employees put themselves in the shoes of their consumers. 



AirBnB, USA 

When you're selling the chance to live in cozy, unusual, and memorable living spaces, it's only right that your office should reflect that! Turn your attention to the AirBnB headquarters that's set up camp in what used to be a battery factory. Every floor, shared space, and meeting room is themed differently to stimulate employees' minds and aid in relaxation. Doing overtime here probably shouldn't feel too bad! 



Pionen White Mountain, Sweden

No, it's not James Bond a movie set. But it sure looks like it! The Pionen White Mountain office used to be a bunker used as a civil defense center, and it was eventually converted into a data processing facility by Swedish Internet service provider, Bahnhof. The space's previous tenants left behind a lot of their furniture and gear, all of which were similarly repurposed or upcycled to create this super unique working space. 



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Dropbox, USA

The company that came up with a great solution to ease of file sharing and storage reflects that philosophy in the way they designed their uninterrupted office space. Dropbox's San Francisco headquarters gives employees corridor after corridor of creatively designed thinking space, making sure that ideas go from one place to another without getting lost in transit. 



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Medina Turgul DDB, Turkey

This Istanbul-based advertising agency is a creative person's dream! You can't possibly ask for more when you work in a city characterized by historic landmarks and breathtaking architecture, and at the same time, work in an office that's as innovative as this. Medina Turgul employees can enjoy an informal working environment that inspires them to think out of the box. 



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