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Get A Steady Paycheck Without Leaving The House

Thanks to technology, working in your “pambahay” is no longer an improbability, as long as you know where to look, have the right tools and equipment and the skills that employers require. If you’re eager to find out what work-at-home jobs you can do, read on, because there might be something just for you.

1) Customer Service Representative

What it is: Receiving or making calls and e-mails to answer customer-related concerns.

What it pays: Up to $5 an hour; usually, an employee works 6-8 hours per day and can extend up to 12 hours, depending on the workload.

Perfect for: Individuals who have fast typing skills, can communicate well, and have the knack for dealing with unhappy customers. It also pays to be creative in order to provide alternative solutions to unsatisfied clients.

Who does it and how to get it: Leah Casas, 32, mother of 4-year old Alexa, landed a job as a customer service consultant for Bellabox, an Australian-based beauty company through a personal referral. But finding one in this field is not that hard since it is considered an in-demand work-at-home job. For starters, you can check out for a job listing on the customer service industry.

2) Toy Reviewer/Videographer

What it is: The work is as compelling as the job title, which entails “reviewing” a toy and all its components. It means “playing” with it on-camera, usually with the help of children. The entire demo is filmed and edited afterwards, and submitted to a US-based employer, who then uploads the video on YouTube.

What it pays: Minimum of $1,500 for 100 videos; the fee increases if more videos are produced.

Perfect for: Any kid-at-heart who has a background in video production and editing. It’s a plus on-camera presence to have your own child who speaks English well and enough creativity for the mere unboxing of toys to be worth watching. One must also have the equipment such as a camera, lights, props, and costumes to complete the requirement.

Who does it: The Toy Patrol (search for Toy Patrol Santino) is a YouTube channel that Jasmin Espinoza handles as toy tester, together with her 7-year old son, Santino, an up-and- coming child TV actor. Since the primary purpose of the channel is to grow its subscribers, Jasmin spends up to eight hours a day producing videos to provide regular content. Jasmin had another home-based job prior to this, but the perks of being a toy tester seemed more enticing, and when she told the employer about her son being a child actor, they were hired immediately.

3) Online ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher

What it is: Teaching conversational English to students abroad, through Skype. A teacher not only has face-to-face interactions with the students, but must also create learning materials and activities for them, which need to be submitted before each session.

What it pays: Minimum of $5 per hour

Perfect for: English speakers with some teaching experience and basic computer tools (headset with mic) and skills. Also perfect if you have a room that is free from noise.

Who does it and how to get it: Try (formerly Odesk) to find this teaching job, like what Mico Sadorra did. Formerly a full-time teacher of ESL in a real classroom, Mico’s priorities have changed since becoming a mother to 2-year old Risen. After creating an account in Upwork, she found a job after three weeks of searching. The wait took longer because she was picky about the work schedule, but if you are willing to take the graveyard shift, chances are more students will turn up in the radar much quickly.

4) Web Designer/ Developer

What it is: Designing and maintaining websites, as well as creating graphic designs such as logos, flyers, and brochures, among others.

What it pays: Varies per project but the minimum pay is around P40,000 to P50,000 and can go up to P200,000 if the requirements become more elaborate. A web designer/developer usually spends 8-16 hours at work, even during weekends, especially if multiple projects are ongoing.

Perfect for: Tech-savvy individuals with a creative eye, and a strong portfolio to present to potential clients. You don’t need a degree in web design for this, because there are many tutorials in the Internet that can guide you through the design process.

Who does it and how to get it: Redy Juan, father of 7-month old Seb, is a self-taught web designer. He suggests looking into your personal network for referrals first, since the Philippines has a demand for individuals with this skill, but for local clients, a compelling portfolio is a must. You may also seek websites like Outsourcely and Remotestaff to offer your services to clients abroad.

5) HR Recruitment Staff

What it is: Think virtual HR department. That means scouting for applicants, posting job openings on the Internet, and conducting interviews of applicants in behalf of your clients.

What it pays: Up to P19,000 for three hours’ worth of work.

Perfect for: Someone detail-oriented, organized, and loves interacting with people. A degree in Management or Psychology is an advantage but not required.

Who does it and how to get it: Home based jobs sa Pinas is a Facebook page that caters to work-at-home individuals and that’s where Ara Lopez, an HR Specialist and mom of three, found a job opening.

6) Writer

What it is: Writing articles that provide information about various topics for different businesses and brands, which may also include editing and proofreading.

What it pays: P15,000 monthly for a minimum of four hours of work a day

Perfect for: A creative thinker who can write and communicate well and has basic knowledge of social media.

Who does it and how to get it: There are many online job opportunities for writers and editors, starting off with and But there are others, like Tina Rodriguez, a homeschooling mom to three children, who did not have to look that far. She is presently a writer for different publications in the Philippines.

This article was originally published in Working Mom. Changes have been made for Metro.Style.