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Erasing The Stigma On Women Drivers

As we continue to celebrate women this month of March, Pilipinas Shell takes part by launching its “Women! Drive The Future” campaign which aims to empower women drivers. The campaign was unveiled last Saturday with a panel discussion featuring race car driver Michele Bumgarner, celebrity moms from Baby Barangay namely, Patty Laurel-Filart, Kelly Misa-Fernandez, Bianca Santiago, and Rowie Abracero, directress of the first all-female car enthusiast  club, Girl Racers Club.

Women! Drive The Future ambassadors Bianca Santiago-Reinoso, Kelly Misa-Fernandez, Patty Laurel-Filart,
Girl Racers Club Directress Rowie Abracero, and Michele Bumgarner along with Shell FuelSave
Brand Manager Vanessa Ejercito and A-1 Driving School Business Development Head Luna Garcia


“Women! Drive the Future” was born out of the desire to eradicate stereotypes against women drivers and give women confidence behind the wheel. As women become more increasingly self-reliant, many have embraced the independence that driving brings. Bianca Santiago and Patty Laurel-Filart talk about the importance of driving in their daily lives, as they tackle demands of motherhood and being professionals at the same time. On the other hand, Kelly Misa-Fernandez shares her apprehension about going behind the wheel, particularly when her children are with her. Their experiences mirror many others, and highlights all the more the importance of being knowledgeable about road safety and car maintenance.

Girl Racers Club’s Rowie Abracero believes that women should aim to know more about preventive maintenance of their vehicles, while Michele Bumgarner points out the importance of knowing what to do “without relying on other people.” These women all agree that driving is an important life skill, especially for the younger generation, and that it should be our goal to “educate, enable, and empower” more women drivers. Panelists and guests at the event had the opportunity to learn three basic skills women drivers must know, specifically, changing the tires, checking the oil, and replacing a dead car battery.

Baby Barangay member Kelly Misa-Fernandez during tire change activity

Girls Racers Club Directress Rowie Abracero during the lubricant check activity

Baby Barangay member Kelly Misa-Fernandez during lubricant check activity


Pilipinas Shell’s “Women! Drive The Future” campaign is in partnership with A-1 Driving School which has exciting offerings for women. A-1 Driving School has specially designed courses for women—with an emphasis on road safety and preventive maintenance—that will produce not only better women drivers, but more importantly, bring forth well-educated and informed drivers. On the retail aspect, SM Advantage has a rewards and loyalty program for women who gas up at Shell, while Shell has designed better comfort rooms for women. The “Women! Drive The Future” campaign will also be launched in Cebu and Davao.

Aside from educating and empowering women drivers, the “Women! Drive The Future” campaign ultimately aims for a society where there are no “women” or “men” drivers on the road—just educated and safe drivers.