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Global Girlboss Erica Malbon Grows Her Business From Fairways To Wellness

Two years ago, Vogue ran a story on Erica Malbon, her husband Stephen, and their then newborn Malbon Golf company. It led with a Justin Bieber namedrop (he’s a customer) and followed through with a dive into the elements that made their Fairfax Avenue store in Los Angeles the clubhouse of culturally cool golf. Because, let’s be honest, lurking somewhere in the cross section of Japanese businessmen and old money, the functional luxury of golf gear has been primed for an injection of relevance. One, perhaps, that smells a little less of cigar smoke, and a little more, say, Mendo Breath by way of vape pen.


Just another day at the office #malbongolf

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Justin Bieber swings by Malbon Golf on Fairfax


And while much of the Malbon Golf creative vision can be credited to Stephen, whose high velocity track record for making brands culturally relevant trails him like a king’s cape from New York City to Los Angeles, it is Erica that stands calmly atop the castle staircase, cellphone in one hand, reins in the other.



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Augusta poses by the fireplace of the Malbon home in Manhattan Beach, CA


The sport was her father's, whose motherland, the Philippines, became home to Erica for part of her formative schooling years at both the British School Manila and International School Manila. She moved back to California in 2004, and today, Manhattan Beach continues to be home to Erica, Stephen, sons Luciano and Remington, and the family’s Chocolate Labrador, Augusta.


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Erica’s sons Luciano and Remington


Erica leads operations and strategic partnerships and communications for Malbon Golf, but as much of a mouthful as that is, it’s only one of her roles. The stunning beauty is also co-founder of The Now, a boutique spa that, you, in all honesty, probably already have saved as #inspo somewhere, and adding to the already impressive roll call of businesses is her new concept called The Light House. “A project I am very excited about, in the wellness and beauty space,” Erica shares. It is set to launch in Fall of this year, and sleepless nights aside, we envision Erica deftly handling every last detail with that signature Mrs. Malbon smile and perennial twinkle in her eyes.

One of Erica’s wellness businesses, The Now, has locations in West Hollywood,
Studio City, Silver Lake, and Santa Monica.


While not golfing or catching up on sleep, this global girl boss can be found traveling and furniture shopping. And if you want to find her online? She’ll be here:






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How does she do it all? Let’s find out in our Q&A!


What do you spend your most productive hours doing?

I spend my most productive hours in the morning once the kids are off to school. I tend to tackle the biggest tasks of the day in the morning right after my first espresso. As a business owner with more than one business I have to manage my time deliberately. I also like to get the less fun tasks out of the way so that I have a clearer head when getting into the office. 


What would you do with a spare 30 minutes during your day?

I have been mediating for the last few years. I feel it helps me collect my thoughts and calm my nerves. 


Why do you do what you do?

I want to inspire my children to do what they love and turn that into a fulfilling career and business. Steve and I are both very passionate people and the fact that we get to work in fields that inspire us is such a blessing. The easy or predictable path is not going to continue or inspire you to keep going, and when it comes to starting and growing businesses, you have to keep going. 


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The Malbon Family


What are some routines, systems, or habits that keep you performing at your best—physically, mentally, spiritually?

I mentioned earlier that meditation has greatly helped me stay grounded and sane! I also try to exercise at least three times per week and get massages.


What are a few moments in your career that made you want to pinch yourself?

When I meet people and they tell me how much they love one of the businesses, it is always a great moment. 


What is a quote that brings you strength or solace?

“The best is yet to come.” 


When are you at your most confident?

I feel most confidant when I am take the time to get myself organized and feel prepared for whatever it is that I am getting ready to do. If it’s a meeting, party or event, when I am prepared, I feel the most confident. 


Did you have anyone that looked like you to look up to in the career that you wanted to pursue?

I really admire Natalie Massenet who is the founder of Net-A-Porter. She was able to revolutionize the way that we all shop for luxury products; figuring out ways to turn personal passion into a business. 


If there's anything you want people to take away from your journey, what would that be?

Keep going even when it is hard. As they say, the only way to fail is to quit. 


Before you go, could you put us onto something you love (be it a life hack, a product, a podcast, poem, idea, person, etc.)?

I love "How I Built This with Guy Raz.” As an entrepreneur it is easy to get stuck and feel alone in the journey and I think hearing other people's stories, their struggles, triumphs etc., is motivating.